Tuesday December 07, 2021

World Trade Centre Details

September 12, 2001

World Trade Centre
The World Trade Centre is a complex of office buildings in lower Manhattan island in New York. Construction began in 1966 and was completed in 1988. The centrepiece of the complex was the twin towers, one of which was 1,368 feet high, the other 1, 362 feet. They were the fifth and sixth tallest buildings in the world.

About 50,000 people are reported to have worked in the twin towers, both of which collapsed after being hit by separate aircraft.

  • 8.45am: American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into One World Trade Centre, the north tower.
  • 9.03am: United Airlines Flight 175 crashed into Two World Trade Centre, the south tower.
  • 9.43am: American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon.
  • 9.50am: The south tower of the World Trade Centre collapsed.
  • 10.00am: United Airlines Flight 93 crashed near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • 10.29am: The north tower of the World Trade Centre collapsed.
  • 5.25pm: Seven World Trade Centre, a 47-storey building, collapsed.

This is not the first time the World Trade Centre has been attacked. On February 26, 1993, a bomb exploded in the north tower. It killed six people and gouged a crater five storeys deep.



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