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John Kerry On Track For Democratic Party Nomination

February 4, 2004

Senator John Kerry, Democrat-Massachusetts Massachusetts Senator John F. Kerry has won 5 of 7 primary and caucus contests in the latest round of voting to elect delegates to the Democratic Party convention in Boston in July. With earlier victories in Iowa and New Hampshire, Kerry has now won 7 of the 9 contests held so far.

Whilst there are still 41 contests left, and only about 10% of delegates have been chosen, Kerry has what Americans call the "big Mo": momentum.

Following a dismal showing in all states, Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman announced his withdrawal from the race.

Polls in Washington State, Michigan and Maine this weekend, and Tennessee and Virginia next week, should winnow the field further.

Senator Kerry won the contests in Missouri, Arizona, Delaware, New Mexico and North Dakota.

North Carolina Senator John Edwards won the primary in South Carolina, keeping his hopes alive for a few more days.

Retired General Wesley Clark had a narrow victory over Edwards and Kerry in Oklahoma, also delaying his departure from the race.

The former frontrunner and Governor of Vermont, Howard Dean, was defeated in all seven contests. Whilst vowing to stay in the race, and claiming he would win in Washington this weekend, Dean's campaign is all but finished.

The black civil rights activist, the Reverend Al Sharpton, whilst coming third in South Carolina, has failed to have a serious impact on the race.

The remaining Democratic candidate, Dennis Kucinich, a congressman from Ohio, is securing miniscule numbers in each ballot.

Kerry's frontrunner status will ensure that he continues to raise money and is able to out-campaign his opponents in the primaries to be held over the next 3 weeks.

Edwards, Clark and Dean are effectively competing against each other for money and votes. If any of the three fail to win primaries in the coming week, they will almost certainly drop out of the race.



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