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The ALP Pledge

The Australian Labor Party requires its members to sign a pledge upon joining.

This is the text of the pledge used by the Victorian ALP:

I hereby pledge myself to the Australian Labor Party to faithfully uphold to the best of my ability its Constitution and Platforms and to work and vote for the selected Labor Candidates. I am not a member of any other organisation which pledges its members to support candidates for public office. I will forfeit my membership if I nominate against any endorsed Labor candidate. If I employ labour, I will only employ Trade Union Members.

The pledge requires members to commit to:

  • uphold the Constitution and Platforms of the ALP
  • work and vote for pre-selected ALP candidates
  • not belong to any organisation that pledges its members to support candidates for public office
  • not nominate against endorsed ALP candidates
  • to employ trade union members, if applicable

In addition, the ALP proscribes a number of organisations. In other words, ALP members are banned from membership of these organisations:

  • Citizens Initiated Referenda Groups
  • Endeavour Forum
  • League of Rights
  • Industrial Action Fund
  • National Civic Council
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