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Pauline Hanson’s One Nation

One Nation

Formed by a disendorsed Liberal Party candidate, Pauline Hanson, who was elected to federal parliament in 1996, One Nation rose to prominence in Queensland in the 1998 state election when it won 11 seats in parliament.

It followed this by winning a Queensland Senate seat in the 1998 federal election and polling 8.43% of the primary vote in the House of Representatives, making it the third largest party in terms of voter support at that time.

The party quickly went into decline amid internal bickering, lost its parliamentary representation in Queensland, and faced ongoing court battles over electoral funding. The party was routed in 2001, polling 4.35% of the primary vote, many of its supporters returning to the coalition parties.

Fifteen years later, in 2016, following a series of unsuccessful comeback attempts at state and federal elections, Hanson was elected to the Senate from Queensland. In the double dissolution election, she secured 9.14% of the primary vote and a Senate quota in her own right.

Hanson was joined by three other One Nation senators: Malcolm Roberts (Qld), Brian Burston (NSW) and Rodney Culleton (WA). Together, they hold a crucial balance of power position in the Senate. On any motion opposed by the ALP and the Greens, passage of any vote requires the support of at least two One Nation senators.

2016 Federal Elections


I’m Back


Official Web Sites


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