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John Howard Claims Victory In 1996 Federal Election

This is John Howard’s election night speech, following the Coalition’s overwhelming victory in the general election.

The Liberal-National coalition victory brought to an end 13 years of Labor government under prime ministers Bob Hawke and Paul Keating.

  • Listen to Howard’s speech (14m)
  • Watch the speech:

Text of John Howard’s victory speech at the Wentworth Hotel, Sydney, on March 2, 1996.

Can I say to you, and my first words are addressed to all of the people of Australia, that I am very conscious of the enormous responsibility that has been placed upon me and upon my colleagues by the verdict of the Australian people today. [Read more…]

Family Payments: ALP 1996 Federal Election Leaflet

This is an ALP leaflet distributed during the 1996 federal election.



Early Opinion Polls For 1996 Federal Election

These tables show the results of early opinion polls in the 1996 federal election.

The second table shows results for the “most preferred prime minister” question.

Federal Election Opinion Polls
Poll Date taken Sample Size ALP L/NP Dem Green Others ALP 2-Party L/NP 2-Party
Actual 1993 Result March 13, 1993 approx 10 million 44.8 44.3 3.8 1.6 5.5 51.44 48.56
Morgan Dec 30/Jan6-7 1996 2121 face to face 39.5 43.5 6.0 5.5 5.5 48 52
Newspoll published Jan 29 1996 not stated 40 50 2 2 6
AGB McNair Age Poll Jan 26 1996 1276 40 45 4 5 6 47 53
Quadrant Jan 26-27 1996 1527 telephone 41 48 5 6 47 53
Morgan Jan 1996 46 54


Most Preferred Prime Minister
Poll Date taken Sample Size Keating Howard Don’t Know
Morgan Dec 30/Jan6-7 1996 2121 face to face 47 41 12
AGB McNair Age Poll Jan 26-27 1996 1276 43 46
Quadrant Jan 26-27 1996 1527 telephone 47 48 5


Paul Keating: Young Australia Policy Statement

Prime Minister Paul Keating has released a Youth policy for the forthcoming election.

Keating delivered his Young Australia Policy statement in an address at the Frankston Cultural Centre in Melbourne.

Text of Paul Keating’s Young Australia Policy Statement.

In the course of this campaign I won’t deliver a more important policy than this youth statement.

That is not to say that we count the interests of young people above the interests of anyone else.

We recognise our primary duty to our children and we know that the nation’s interests depend upon them. [Read more…]

1996 Federal Election News: Jan 27-Feb 23

This page contains a complete set of election reports I posted during the 1996 federal election campaign.

The reports tailed off in the final week of the campaign, a reflection of my work commitments at the time.

The reports were posted on the first incarnation of, a personal website with a clunky URL: This site was only decommissioned around 2010. From 1998, the site was known as All content was transferred to in 2001. [Read more…]