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1998 Federal Election: Two-Party-Preferred Statistics By State And Seat

This page provides detailed two-party-preferred results for the 1998 Federal Election.

The statistics are organised by state and territory. Each electorate in the House of Representatives is shown.

New South Wales

New South Wales is the largest State in the Commonwealth with the largest number of House of Representatives electorates. It is very difficult for any party to win office without winning a majority of seats in NSW. [Read more…]

1998 Federal Election: Two-Party-Preferred Statistics

The 1998 Federal Election is the second election this decade where the party or parties that won a majority of the two-party-preferred vote failed to win the election.

This also occurred in 1998, as well as in 1969, 1961 and 1954.

The Howard coalition government was elected with 49.02% of the two-party-preferred vote. It secured 80 of the 148 seats (54%) in the House of Representatives. Thus, its exaggerated majority is 5.03%.

The ALP secured a majority of the two-party vote in three States (NSW, Victoria & Tasmania) and both Territories. There was an overall swing to the ALP of 4.61%, the party regaining much of the 5.06% it lost in 1996.

The swing ranged from 0.94% in the Northern Territory to 7.17% in Queensland.

A measure of the electoral wipe-out the ALP suffered in 1996 can be seen by the fact that even though it secured swings of between 4 and 7 per cent in South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland, it remains the minority grouping in those States.

Two-Party-Preferred Statistics 1998
House of Representatives – Summary
State ALP Votes ALP % L/NP Votes L/NP % % Swing To ALP
New South Wales 1,879,281
Victoria 1,521,560
Queensland 935,867
Western Australia 515,733
South Australia 434,189
Tasmania 176,241
Australian Capital Territory 121,552
Northern Territory 45,986
Total 5,630,409


Source: Australian Electoral Commission publications


Lynton Crosby: 1998 Election Analysis

Lynton Crosby has addressed the National Press Club on the outcome of the 1998 federal election.

Crosby is the Federal Director of the Liberal Party.

Transcript of Lynton Crosby’s Address to the National Press Club.

Lynton Crosby, Federal Director of the Liberal PartyIn preparation for this address I took the time to read the remarks of my predecessor when he addressed the National Press Club following the 1993 Federal Election where Fightback and the GST were the focus.

In his speech he spoke of the many advertising experts who contacted him to proffer the “one and only” solution to “better sell or explain the GST”. Well I’ve got news for my predecessor, they’re still around. And to the literally dozens, if not hundreds, of advertising and marketing experts who rang and wrote with their great idea thanks for your thoughts. To the jingle writers, thanks but it was just too hard to choose. To the budding copywriters who managed to come up with a multitude of phrases all built around the letters GST thanks for those ideas too! [Read more…]

1998 Federal Election: Australian Electoral Commission Advertisements

These are advertisements broadcast by the Australian Electoral Commission during the 1998 federal election.

They explain how to cast a formal vote in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

  • House of Representatives
  • Senate

1998 Federal Election: Eric Bullmore Advertisement

This is an advertisement for Victorian Senate candidate Eric Bullmore in the 1998 federal election.

Bullmore’s ad attacks the Werribee toxic dump and calls for a Bill of Rights.

  • Eric Bullmore

1998 Federal Election: Australian Democrats Advertisements

These are two advertisements broadcast by the Australian Democrats for the 1998 federal election.

The first features the party’s leader, Senator Meg Lees. The second warns against a vote for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation.

  • Meg Lees
  • One Nation

1998 Federal Election: National Party Advertisement

This is a National Party advertisement broadcast during the 1998 federal election.

It features the Leader of the National Party, Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer.

  • Tim Fischer

1998 Federal Election: Liberal Party Advertisements

This is a selection of Liberal Party advertisements broadcast during the 1998 federal election.

They include radio advertisements and the audio soundtrack of television advertisements. [Read more…]

1998 Federal Election: ALP Advertisements

This page contains a selection of advertisements broadcast by the ALP during the 1998 federal election campaign.

They include radio advertisements and the soundtrack of television advertisements.

The ads focus on the Goods and Services Tax (GST) proposed by the Howard government at the election and opposed by the ALP opposition.

  • You don’t mind me asking, Dad?
  • GST Counter
  • Sparkie
  • You’ll Never Get Rid Of That
  • Cheryl Kernot