Archbishop George Pell’s Statutory Declaration

This is the statutory declaration issued by the Catholic Archibishop of Sydney, George Pell.

Archbishop George Pell

The declaration responds to allegations regarding a former priest of the Ballarat Diocese, Gerald Ridsdale, aired on Channel 9’s Sixty Minutes program. [Read more…]

Pauline Hanson’s “Please Explain” Interview

This is the famous “please explain” interview that Pauline Hanson did with Channel 9’s Sixty Minutes program in 1996.

The interview was shown just six weeks after Hanson’s maiden speech, in which she famously said: “I believe we are in danger of being swamped by Asians.”

In this interview, Hanson elaborates on her claims about Asian immigration and the treatment of Aborigines. Whilst the “please explain” remark gained notoriety, Hanson also dismissed official Immigration Department statistics as “book figures” that she did not believe. [Read more…]

Paul Keating: 60 Minutes Profile

Paul Keating became Prime Minister of Australia on December 20, 1991, following his defeat of Bob Hawke in an ALP caucus ballot.

This video is a Channel 9 60 Minutes profile of the new prime minister. It is in two parts, the first a personal and family profile, the second a political interview. The reporter is Jennifer Byrne.

Keating makes it clear that this was to be one of the few occasions he would permit the media to film his family. He defends their right to privacy and makes the point that his is the only Keating name on the ballot paper.

A year after this interview, Keating defeated Opposition Leader John Hewson in the 1993 Federal election. In this interview he is already practising the lines he used against Hewson.

Bill Hayden Profiled By 60 Minutes

This is a 60 Minutes profile of Opposition Leader Bill Hayden, telecast during the 1980 federal election.

Hayden was contesting his first and only election as leader of the ALP. He had succeeded Gough Whitlam as ALP leader in 1977. A former policeman, Hayden had survived the Whitlam years with his reputation intact. He had been Minister for Social Security and had introduced Medibank, the forerunner of today’s Medicare. He was Treasurer in the final months of the government in 1975.

The ALP lost the 1980 election, although it picked up 13 seats and reduced Fraser’s majority. Hayden was replaced by Bob Hawke in February 1983, on the very day that Fraser called an early election. Hayden went on to serve as Minister for Foreign Affairs until 1988. He was Governor-General from 1989 until 1996.

The profile was reported by George Negus. It was telecast on September 28, 1980, three weeks before the October 18 poll.

  • Watch the 60 Minutes report (14m)