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Howard: A Constitutional Earthquake To Sack A Governor-General

Prime Minister John Howard says it would be a “constitutional earthquake” to sack a Governor-General.

Howard made the comment in an interview on A Current Affair about his defence of Dr. Peter Hollingworth at a press conference today.

Howard said he did not believe there was a case for dismissing the Governor-General.

Transcript of Prime Minister John Howard’s interview with Mike Munro on Channel 9’s A Current Affair.

MUNRO: Mr Howard, thanks for your time. You certainly surprised a lot of people today.

PRIME MINISTER: Well I did what I thought was right. I didn’t feel that the grounds existed to sack the Governor General because that’s really what it amounted to. I read his statement and having read it I couldn’t bring myself, having examined my conscience, to remove the man from office when I knew that he’d done nothing wrong as Governor General. There was no evidence of any criminal behaviour, no evidence of any moral lapses on his part, and at worst a number of errors of judgement and who amongst us have not been guilty of errors of judgement. [Read more…]