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ABC 2004 Election Coverage Review Released

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has released a review of its 2004 election coverage.

In a statement releasing the report by Murray Green, the ABC says: “The ABC covered the Federal Election on television, radio and online with some 170 separate editorial teams in capital cities and in regional and rural Australia. These teams range from sole reporters in remote locations to the editorial staff of ABC local radio in capital cities, to national teams, in programs such as the 7.30 Report, as well as online journalists for Covering a federal election is the most extensive single editorial project undertaken by the ABC.” [Read more…]

Report On ABC Coverage Of The 2004 Federal Election

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has released a report on its coverage of the 2004 Federal Election.

The Chairman of the Election Coverage Review Committee, Murray Green, said: “It was unprecedented, to my knowledge in ABC federal election coverage that, for the 2004 campaign, no written complaints were received from the campaign headquarters of any party.”

The report says the ABC received 993 complaints from listeners and viewers, compared to 1542 in the 2001 election.

Alston Attacks ABC Coverage Of Iraq War

The Howard government’s Minister for Communications, Senator Richard Alston, has alleged bias in the ABC’s coverage of the war in Iraq.

Senator Alston has released an analysis detailing 68 instances of alleged bias in the AM program.

Text of media statement by the Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, Senator Richard Alston. [Read more…]

Making The Bastards Honest: Democrats’ Accountability Package

This is the Australian Democrats’ Accountability package.

The documents includes policies on political parties; the public service and Freedom of Information laws; government appointments; ministerial code of conduct; politicians’ entitlements, including superannuation; and corporate accountability.

The document was released by the party’s leader, Senator Meg Lees. [Read more…]

Howard Says He’ll Consider Retirement After 64th Birthday

Prime Minister John Howard says he will consider retirement after his 64th birthday.

Howard’s statement was made on his 61st birthday today in an interview with Philip Clarke on ABC Radio 2BL. It suggests he intends to contest the election due next year and consider standing aside mid-way through his third term.

Transcript of interview with Prime Minister John Howard by Philip Clarke on ABC Radio 2BL.

CLARKE: Mr Howard, good morning.

HOWARD: Good morning Philip, good to be with you. [Read more…]

Kennett Leads Coalition To Victory In Victorian Election

Jeff Kennett led the Victorian coalition parties to a landslide election victory on October 3, 1992.

Kennett defeated the ALP, led by Joan Kirner, and returned the Liberal Party to government for the first time since 1982.

This is how the ABC radio news reported the election the following morning. [Read more…]

ABC Radio 1990 Election Night Broadcast

As is its regular practice, the ABC broadcast live and continuous coverage of election counting on March 24, 1990.

The broadcast was hosted by John Highfield. Also appearing were Paul Murphy and the South Australian academic, Dean Jaensch. [Read more…]

Final Edition Of Newsvoice As Russell Cooper Replaces Mike Ahern As Queensland Premier

The final edition of ABC Radio’s Newsvoice went to air amid political turmoil in Queensland as Russell Cooper replaced Mike Ahern as Premier.

The political upheaval presaged the defeat of the National Party government at the December 2 election later in 1989.

The rest of the audio recording deals with a Newsvoice retrospective of its 15 years on air. [Read more…]

Richard Carleton: Politics In The Wake Of The Dismissal

This is an audio recording of then ABC journalist Richard Carleton talking to Victorian Politics teachers in 1976.

It was the week the Iraqi loans affair hit the news and Gough Whitlam’s leadership of the ALP seemed in peril.

Carleton discussed politics and the media in the aftermath of the Dismissal. [Read more…]

The Day After The 1974 Election: Media Reports

Counting on election night in 1974 was inconclusive. Whilst there was a general sense that the Whitlam government had been returned, it was not definitive.

This is a selection of radio news bulletins from Sunday, May 19, 1974. They were broadcast on 3MA Mildura and 3WV, the ABC’s third radio network in western Victoria. [Read more…]