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Australia’s Latest Population Figures

These are the latest population figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The percentage increase since the last census is shown in brackets.

  • Australia: 19,727,476 (1.3)
  • NSW: 6,657,351 (1.0)
  • Victoria: 4,888,234 (1.4)
  • Queensland: 3,729,028 (2.3)
  • Western Australia: 1,934,494 (1.4)
  • South Australia: 1,522,456 (0.6)
  • Tasmania: 473,365 (0.4)
  • ACT: 322,234 (0.8)
  • Northern Territory: 197,724 (-0.1)
  • Other Territories: 2,590 (0.2)

Unemployment Falls To 6.7%; Lowest Figure Since June 1990

Seasonally adjusted unemployment figures released today show that the jobless rate is the lowest in nearly 10 years, although the participation rate has also declined.

Unemployment in Australia was 6.7%, the lowest figure since June 1990. New South Wales recorded the lowest State figure of 5.6%, whilst Tasmania continued to record the highest with 9.9%.

The Australian labour force now consists of 9,514,000 people according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. [Read more…]