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How Are Votes Counted?

These videos have been produced by the Australian Electoral Commission.

They show how votes are counted in the House of Representatives, the Senate, and in referendums.

  • How are House of Representatives votes counted?

  • How are Senate votes counted?

  • How are votes in a referendum counted?


How To Cast A Formal Vote Today

The Australian Electoral Commission has produced this video explaining how to cast a formal vote in the 2013 Federal Election.

  • How to vote formally in the House of Representatives & the Senate:

Young Australian Of The Year Urges Students To Enrol To Vote

The Australian Electoral Commission has released a new video advertisement urging young Australians to enrol to vote.

The advertisement features Akram Azimi, the 2013 Young Australian of the Year.


Enrol To Vote

The Australian Electoral Commission is urging people to go online and enrol to vote.

Online enrolment requires evidence of a person’s identity. A driver’s licence or Australian passport number can be used. Someone who is enrolled to vote can also confirm an individual’s identity.


[Read more…]

Bank Reform Party Registered By Electoral Commission

The Bank Reform Party has been registered as a political party with the Australian Electoral Commission.

The registered officer and spokesman for the party is Adrian Greig Bradley. The party’s website provides no other details about its membership.

Registration of a political party requires a party constitution and 500 members or at least one parliamentary representative.

Registration entitles a party to have its name printed alongside its candidates on ballot paper. It also makes the party eligible for election funding once it reaches the threshold of 4% of primary votes.

The Bank Reform Party’s tag line on its website says: “Bank, Supermarket & Fuel Sector Reform”.

Statement posted on the website of The Bank Reform Party.

Bank Reform Party

The Greedy and Unfair Banks

The founders of Unhappybanking are creating a new non-aligned political party with one initial aim, reform the banks and the legal system to protect Australians from greedy and unfair banks. [Read more…]

Electoral Commission Clears Most Of Thomson’s Election Spending

The Australian Electoral Commission says less than one tenth of $260,000 of Health Services Union funds used by Craig Thomson in his Dobell campaign remains in question.

A report issued by the AEC says most of the funds spent by Thomson’s campaign were within the reporting guidelines laid down in the Electoral Act.

The AEC report stemmed from Fair Work Australia’s report that said Thomson used more than $260,000 of union funds in Dobell.

The AEC is seeking further information on items totalling $17,014.88.

The AEC report on the HSU is available as a PDF at the end of this page.

Media release from the Australian Electoral Commission.

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) today released its analysis of the information contained in the Report of the Delegate to the General Manager of Fair Work Australia – “Investigation into the National Office of the Health Services Union under section 331 of the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009” (the FWA Report) dated 28 March 2012 against the reporting obligations contained in the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 (Electoral Act). [Read more…]

Informal Voting In The 2007 Federal Election

This is a report by the Australian Electoral Commission containing an analysis of informal voting at the 2007 House of Representatives election.

The report includes aggregate statistics by state and territory, as well as detailed statistics on a seat-by-seat basis. [Read more…]

3-2-1 Split In Tasmanian Senate Poll

The AEC has declared the Senate result in Tasmania. The ALP has won 3 places, the Liberals 2 and the Greens 1.

AEC State Manager for Tasmania, Marie Neilson, said that the Senate count had involved the keying of votes into a computerised system, and today an automated process was used to distribute preferences and determine the six elected candidates. “As with all aspects of the count, the final process undertaken today was able to be observed by scrutineers representing candidates.”

The successful candidates for the 6 Tasmanian Senate vacancies, in order of their election are:

  1. Nick Sherry (ALP)
  2. Richard Colbeck (Lib)
  3. Bob Brown (Greens)
  4. Carol Brown (ALP)
  5. David Bushby (Lib)
  6. Catryna Bilyk (ALP)

Bennelong Declaration Ends Howard’s Political Career

The Australian Electoral Commission today declared the result in the electorate of Bennelong, formalising Maxine McKew’s victory over the former Prime Minister, John Howard.

Howard and McKew at the Bennelong declaration

Howard attended the declaration, congratulated McKew and spoke of the beauty of a democracy in which a peaceful transition of power can take place. [Read more…]

2007 Election: Update On Doubtful Seats

Labor Government Lead Dwindling; 16-Seat Majority Likely; 8 Seats Still Undecided

Dec 07 – 6.15pm – Nearly two weeks after polling day, counting continues for all electorates in the House of Representatives, with absentee, postal and declaration votes trickling in. The Australian Electoral Commission now has the ALP on 80 seats, the Liberals 50, The Nationals 10, and independents 2. There are 8 seats still in doubt. La Trobe is no longer regarded as doubtful, retained by the Liberal member, Jason Wood, by 889 votes. [Read more…]