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John Howard’s New York Press Conference

This is the transcript of the press conference given by the Prime Minister, John Howard, at the Pierre Hotel, New York.


I thought I’d say a couple of things about my meeting with the Chairman of the Interim Council in Afghanistan – Mr Karzai. We had a good meeting. We discussed the challenges that faced Afghanistan. He expressed his thanks for the $40 million of government assistance. He said that Afghanistan continued to need a lot of assistance in a lot of areas, in particular many technical areas and we discussed some of them and arising out of that I’ve offered government technical advice via the Treasury and the Reserve Bank, particularly the latter, to help Afghanistan in relation to strengthening and rebuilding her central banking system. Australia has quite a lot of expertise in that area and he was very pleased to accept that offer. [Read more…]

Australian Troops Deployed To Afghanistan

This is the text of the statement released by the Prime Minister, John Howard, announcing the deployment of Australian troops to the ground war in Afghanistan.

Force Deployment

The Governments of Australia and the United States have consulted further about our commitment to support the international coalition against terrorism. Last night President Bush and I discussed these matters. After that discussion the Minister for Defence, Mr Reith, the Chief of the Defence Force, Admiral Barrie, and the US Ambassador, Mr Thomas Schieffer, held further discussions on the details of Australia’s military contribution. Mr Reith and Admiral Barrie have briefed me this morning. [Read more…]

Australian Troops To Be Sent To Afghanistan

The Prime Minister, John Howard, has announced the commitment of 1550 Australian ground troops to the war against Afghanistan.

ArmyThe commitment will consist of two P3 marine aircraft, Special forces troops, two B707 tanker aircraft, the guided missile frigate, HMAS Sydney, a naval task force on board an amphibious command ship with a frigate as escort, and four F/A-18 aircraft with one frigate as escort.

In a press conference at 10am this morning in Melbourne, Howard said: “I would expect this to be the probable limit to what we would contribute, but I can’t rule out whether we will be asked to give more. I don’t expect the Americans will make those requests of us.” [Read more…]

Bush Announces Humanitarian Aid For Afghanistan

President Bush has announced $320 million of aid to the Afghan people, as preparations for a military strike against the Taliban regime and Osama bin Laden continue.

Bush was speaking to a gathering of State Department employees in Washington. [Read more…]