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Alex Somlyay (Lib – Fairfax) – Valedictory Speech

Alex Somlyay was first elected as the member for Fairfax at the 1990 federal election.

Fairfax is a non-Labor electorate on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. It has been held by the National Party and the Liberal Party since its creation in 1984. Elected as a Liberal, Somlyay is now a member of the Liberal National Party.

During his 23-year parliamentary career, Somlyay served as Minister for Regional Development, Territories and Local Government from 1997 to 1998.

This is his valedictory speech to the House of Representatives.

Hansard transcript of Alex Somlyay’s valedictory speech to the House of Representatives.


Mr SOMLYAY (Fairfax) (13:31): I say farewell to this House after being a member for over 23 years. That period of time effectively represents a generation. In 1990 I was only the 845th to be elected to this parliament, this House of Representatives, in 89 years. I believe that number is just over 1,000 now. We are a pretty exclusive lot of people honoured to be in this place. It is with some sadness of course I retire. But I am doing so of my own accord and in my own time because I believe in change and renewal. I have been honoured to serve the electorate of Fairfax with its constant and vast boundary changes for those 23 years. I recognise that it is time for fresh blood and time for new ideas. [Read more…]