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On Labor And Liberalism: Leigh & Glover Debate The Role Of The ALP

An interesting debate took place today in Melbourne as Labor MP Andrew Leigh and Labor speechwriter Dennis Glover debated the ALP’s role in modern Australia.

The debate was one of a series conducted by the pro-Labor think tank Per Capita, under the title: “The Future of the Left in Australia: Embracing Social Liberalism”.

Leigh argued that Labor should become the party of liberalism, in addition to its commitment to egalitarianism. Glover, however, argued that Labor was and should remain the party of social democracy and avoid defining itself by a commitment to free market economic reform.

Origins Of The High Court Of Australia: Chief Justice Murray Gleeson

This is the text of a speech given by the Chief Justice of the High Court, Murray Gleeson, at the launch of The Oxford Companion To The High Court Of Australia.

It contains an interesting account of the court’s establishment in 1902 and its role in the Australian political system.

Murray Gleeson, Chief Justice of the High Court of AustraliaOne of the greatest speeches in Australian political history was made in the House of Representatives of the new Commonwealth Parliament on 18 March 1902.

Although the subject matter might have appeared dry and technical, it was a passionate, aggressive speech.

It was made by the Attorney-General, Alfred Deakin, who had a fight on his hands.He was introducing the Judiciary Bill, with the principal object of setting up a Federal Supreme Court, to be called the High Court of Australia, in accordance with the mandate in s71 of the Constitution.

Victorian Parliament To Be Venue For Commemorative Federation Sitting

The Victorian Parliament in joint sitting today passed a motion inviting the Federal Parliament to convene in Spring Street on 10 May 2001 for a Commemorative Federation sitting.

Motion moved by the Premier, Mr Steve Bracks.

“That this Joint Sitting of the Legislative Council and Legislative Assembly of the Parliament of Victoria invites the President and Members of the Senate and the Speaker and Members of the House of Representatives to convene at the Royal Exhibition Buildings, Carlton, on 9 May 2001, for the Joint Commemorative Ceremonial Federation Sitting and Commemoration Ceremony, and at Parliament House, Melbourne, on 10 May 2001, for the Commemorative Federation Sitting of each House of the Commonwealth Parliament and conveys its best wishes for the success of the said meetings that will mark the centenary of the first sittings of the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia.”
Malcolm Farnsworth
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