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Howard Lauds “Rich Historical Relationship” With United States

Prime Minister John Howard has praised Australia’s historical association with the United States as a “rich historical relationship” that is more than just a legalistic alliance.

Howard spoke to an Australian American Association luncheon in Melbourne.

Referring to Australia’s military commitment to the American operation in Iraq, Howard said: “The decision we took then was in the Government’s very strong judgement right and nothing that has occurred since has in any way qualified or altered my view.”

Transcript of John Howard’s Address to the Australian American Association at the Park Hyatt, Melbourne.

Thank you very much Geoffrey for that very kind introduction. The Ambassador of the United States Tom Schieffer, Tony McAdam, Dame Elisabeth Murdoch, other very distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen. [Read more…]

Simon Crean’s Address To Parliament On Iraq

This is the prepared text of Opposition Leader Simon Crean’s Address to the House of Representatives on Iraq.

Simon Crean statement to the House of Representatives on Iraq.

The statement by the Prime Minister is his argument for war, not a plan for peace.

It only took the Prime Minister until only the second page of his statement to conclude that the only possible outcome is war.

There are several things on which we agree. [Read more…]

Howard Government Invokes ANZUS Treaty

The Federal Government has invoked the ANZUS Treaty for the first time in the 50-year history of the defence alliance with the United States.

Cabinet met today following the Prime Minister’s return from Washington and in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York and the Pentagon in Washington.

Following the Cabinet meeting, the Prime Minister, John Howard, issued the following statement: [Read more…]

Beazley: The US-Australian Alliance In An East Asian Context

BeazleyThis is the text of a speech given by Kim Beazley, Leader of the Opposition, to a conference on the U.S.-Australian alliance at the University of Sydney.

Beazley provides historical context to Australian’s treaty with the United States and discusses Labor’s approach to its future.

Speech by Kim Beazley, Leader of the Opposition.

Last August I had the privilege of addressing another gathering here on the topic of Australia’s defence policy. I said then that Australia’s national security system is founded on three interlocking strategies:

  • A defence strategy of self-reliance;
  • An alliance with the United States which does not require unrealistic levels of military commitment to our direct defence by the US; and
  • A regional strategy of engagement with Asia as a means of ensuring our security with our regional neighbours.

That speech in August last year focussed on the first of this trilogy of interlocking strategies – defence policy. Since then, the Government has issued a Defence White Paper which, in essence, stands in the tradition of defence self-reliance forged in the mid-1980s. Today I propose to deal in more detail with the second element of the trilogy – the Australia-US security relationship. Later this year I hope I will have the opportunity of making a third speech to discuss our need to pursue regional engagement as our core foreign policy imperative. [Read more…]