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Arianna Huffington: Judy Dean And The Politics Of Authenticity

This article appears on Arianna Huffington’s website Arianna Online.

Article by Arianna Huffington.

Arianna HuffingtonDr. Dean for President!

No, I’m not talking about Howard, who finished second in New Hampshire — 13 points behind John Kerry.

I’m talking about the other doctor in the house of Dean — Judy Steinberg Dean, MD. [Read more…]

Arianna Huffington: Bush Leaves No Bride Behind

Arianna Huffington has attacks President George W. Bush, following his State of the Union Address.


by Arianna Huffington

Signaling that the Pander Countdown to Election Day 2004 has begun in earnest, President Bush spiced up Tuesday’s State of the Union speech by tossing a bone, if not a garter belt and a bible, to his conservative base, which is up in arms over the thought that gay people may soon have the right to legally tie and untie the knot — and thus make a mockery of the sacred institution that Britney and Jason are such big fans of. He did this by tiptoeing up to the edge of saying “I do” to supporting a constitutional amendment defining marriage as the exclusive province of heterosexual couples. [Read more…]