Adam Goodes, Footballer Who Stood Up Against Racism, Named Australian Of The Year For 2014

Adam Goodes, the Sydney Swans and Australian Football League player, has been named Australian of the Year for 2014.


The announcement was made by the Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, at a ceremony in front of Parliament House tonight. [Read more…]

Kevin Rudd Praises Spirit of ‘Fair Go’ And ‘Can Do’ In Speech To Australian Of The Year Nominees

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has praised Australian of the Year nominees, at a morning tea at The Lodge, in Canberra.

Rudd said the Australian story was summed up in two expressions: “I’ve summarised it as the spirit of the ‘can do’. That is, Australians who look at a problem and say to themselves ‘I can fix that’, and they go about fixing it.

“And then there’s equally the great Australian spirit of the ‘fair go’. That is, when I see my brother or my sister in need, then they deserve a fair go and my job is to go out there and do what I can to give that to them.” [Read more…]

Tetchy Howard Defends Choice Of Waugh As Australian Of The Year

Prime Minister has given a tetchy doorstop interview about whether too many sportspeople were being chosen as Australian of the Year.

It followed the announcement that the retired cricketer, Steve Waugh, had been chosen as Australian of the Year. [Read more…]