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Clinton Impeachment Trial: House Manager Bill McCollum’s Summation Of The Factual Case

This is Bill McCollum’s summation of the factual case in the Senate impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton.

McCollum, a Republican congressman from Florida, was one of the House Managers charged with the carriage of the House’s case against Clinton.

House Manager Bill McCollum’s Summation of the Factual Case.

REV. LLOYD OGILVIE, SENATE CHAPLAIN: Holy God, with awe and wonder we accept our responsibilities and our accountability to you. are sovereign of this land. When we commit our complexities to you, really seek your guidance, you direct us. Make us attentive listeners, dedicated to the search for absolute truth. In the cacophony of voices, help us to hear your voice. [Read more…]

Clinton Impeachment Trial: Profiles of the House Managers

Thirteen Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee have been appointed as “managers” who will serve as prosecutors in the trial.

Every one of the House prosecutors has worked as a lawyer, but their experience varies widely.


REP. BOB BARR, Ga., 50, elected 1994

DUTIES: Outline how president’s conduct relates to obstruction of justice and perjury laws.

Long before Monica Lewinsky became a household name, Barr introduced the first impeachment resolution against Clinton over alleged fund-raising irregularities and other matters. The conservative, who has co-authored an anti-Clinton book, introduced House Res. 304 in November 1997, a resolution directing the Judiciary Committee to investigate whether grounds existed to impeach Clinton. Some members of his own party criticized Barr for that, although the measure did garner 22 Republican cosponsors. Barr also is closely allied with the National Rifle Association and is vocal about gun ownership issues. [Read more…]