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Australia To Provide $100m For APEC Bird Flu Measures

Australia is to provide $100 million for initiatives to combat the threat of pandemics, including avian influenza.

The announcement of the aid came from the Prime Minister, John Howard, at the Australia Pacific Economic Co-Operation forum (APEC) in Busan, South Korea.

Text of a media release from the Prime Minister, John Howard.


I am pleased to announce Australian support for initiatives to combat avian and pandemic influenza and to further liberalise trade and investment.

Australia has played a leading role in developing a coordinated regional response to avian and pandemic influenza. In recognition of the threat, APEC leaders have made an unequivocal commitment to transparency and regional cooperation to prepare for a possible influenza pandemic.

Australia will provide $100 million over four years for initiatives to combat the threat of pandemics and other emerging infectious diseases within the region.
Malcolm Farnsworth
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