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Gavin Pearce (Lib-Braddon) – Maiden Speech

This is the maiden speech to the House of Representatives by Gavin Pearce, the Liberal member for Braddon, Tasmania.

Listen to Pearce (24m):

Watch Pearce (30m):

Hansard transcript of maiden speech to the House of Representatives by Gavin Pearce, Liberal member for Braddon.

The DEPUTY SPEAKER (Mr S Georganas): Before I call the honourable member for Pearce, I remind the House that this is the honourable member’s first speech. Therefore I ask the House to extend to him the usual courtesies.

Mr PEARCE (Braddon) (17:26): Thanks, Mr Deputy Speaker. May I begin by congratulating our Speaker on his re-election. His position is one of honour and he does it justice. Indeed, to everyone in this place, congratulations. We’re all here today because of the faith our constituents have placed in us, and I wish everyone right across the chamber all the very best for the 46th Parliament. [Read more…]

Speaker Sets July 28 As Date For Five By-Elections; Opposition Outraged

The Speaker, Tony Smith, advised the House of Representatives this afternoon that he had set July 28 as the date for the five by-elections caused by recent resignations relating to dual citizenship.


Smith told the House that because of new regulations to refine the nomination process and because of imminent schools holidays, July 28 was the “optimal” date for the by-elections in Longman, Braddon, Mayo, Fremantle and Perth.

The ALP opposition accused the Speaker of inordinate delay and said the by-elections coincided with the ALP National Conference in Adelaide.

  • Listen to Speaker’s statement to the House (21m)
  • Watch the House proceedings (21m)

Hansard transcript of House of Representatives proceedings relating to the calling of five by-elections on July 28.

The SPEAKER (15:12): If members could cease interjecting, could I please have the attention of the House on this important matter: I’d like to read a fairly lengthy statement, and then I’ll be tabling some documents. Earlier in the week, I advised the House I would provide an update on possible dates for by-elections in the seats of Braddon, Fremantle, Longman, Mayo and Perth. This update follows further consultation with the Australian Electoral Commissioner and party leaders. Under the Constitution, it is my responsibility alone to issue a writ for a by-election when a vacancy occurs, and generally it has not been the practice to provide an explanation for the exercise of this responsibility. I have varied from the usual practice because of the quite unusual—quite unique—circumstances surrounding these by-elections. [Read more…]

Justine Keay (ALP-Braddon) – Maiden Speech

This is the maiden speech to the House of Representatives by Justine Keay, ALP member for the Tasmanian electorate of Braddon.

  • Listen to Keay (25m – transcript below)
  • Watch Keay (25m)

Hansard transcript of maiden speech by Justine Keay, ALP member for Braddon.

The SPEAKER (18:54): Before I call the honourable member for Braddon I remind the House that this is the honourable member’s first speech, and I ask the House to extend to her the usual courtesies. [Read more…]

2016 Primary Vote Winners, Preference Vote Losers

There were 16 seats in the 2016 federal election where the primary vote leaders were defeated after the full distribution of preferences.

The ALP benefited in 15 seats and the Nick Xenophon Team in one. In 14 seats, (7 held by the ALP and 7 by the Coalition), the coalition candidate led on primary votes but the seat was won by the ALP after preferences. In one seat, the Liberal lead was overtaken by the Xenophon candidate. In another, the ALP overcame a Greens lead.

The 16 seats were spread across the states: Queensland (4), Victoria (3), South Australia (3), New South Wales (2), Western Australia (2) and Tasmania (2).

Overall, 48 (32%) of the 150 House of Representatives electorates were decided on primary votes, whilst 102 (68%) required preference distribution to obtain a winner.

It is worth noting that 86 of the 102 electorates were won after preferences by the candidates who led the primary vote count. Even with preferences, a primary vote lead is difficult to overcome. [Read more…]