Bill Shorten Delivers ALP Budget Reply Speech As 44th Parliament Ends

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has delivered his Budget Reply Speech in the House of Representatives.

The ALP leader’s speech was the final item of business for the House of Representatives. Whilst it is scheduled to return on Monday, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is expected to formally announce the July 2 election on Sunday and the Parliament will not return.

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Transcript of Bill Shorten’s Budget Reply Speech.

After seven months of waiting. After months of ruling-in and ruling-out, after all that on and off the table… After apprehension and great expectations. This Budget has fallen apart in 48 hours.

This Budget was meant to be Malcolm Turnbull’s justification for rolling Tony Abbott.

After Tuesday night Australians are left to wonder why he bothered.

• The same $80 billion of cuts to schools and hospitals – still in this budget
• The same cuts to working and middle class families – still in this budget
• The same cuts to Medicare, to childcare, to aged care, to paid parental leave, to pensioners and carers – still in this Budget.

The same wrong priorities for Australia. Was this really the point of the Turnbull experiment? [Read more…]

Christine Milne Delivers Greens Response To Federal Budget; Pledges To Oppose Key Measures

The Leader of the Australian Greens, Senator Christine Milne, has delivered her party’s response to this week’s federal Budget.

Speaking in the Senate, Milne committed the Greens to opposing key measures in the Budget, including changes to unemployment benefits for young people and university fees.

Milne said the Budget was written for “big-business, big miners, big polluters, big banks, who are all completely let off the hook”. She described the Budget’s spending cuts as “brutal”. [Read more…]

Budget Reply Speech: Bill Shorten Says Budget Is Built Upon Broken Promises And Lies

The Leader of the Opposition, Bill Shorten, says the Abbott government’s first Budget will make Australia “colder, meaner and narrower”.

Delivering his Budget Reply speech in the House of Representatives tonight, Shorten said the Budget “is built upon broken promises and lies”.


Shorten did not offer any policy prescriptions in his speech. Instead, he committed the ALP to defend Medicare from the co-payment announced in the Budget: “We will fight this wicked and punitive measure to its ultimate end.” [Read more…]

Tony Abbott’s Budget Reply Speech

The Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott, has delivered his Budget Reply speech in the House of Representatives.

Abbott reiterated his commitment to abolish the carbon tax as the key component of a plan to relieve cost of living pressures. His only new promise was “to work urgently with the states to ensure that at least 40 per cent of Year 12 students are once more taking a language other than English within a decade.”

In what amounted to a campaign address, Abbott said: “I want to reassure the people of Australia that it does not have to be like this; we are a great people let down by bad government that will pass. There is a better way.” [Read more…]