Scott Morrison Budget Speech 2016-17

The Treasurer, Scott Morrison, has delivered the 2016-17 Budget Speech, his first for the Turnbull coalition government.

The Budget forecasts a deficit for 2016-17 of $37.1 billion, falling to $6 billion in 2019-20.
It tightens superannuation concessions and introduces a new Youth Employment Package with internships and wage subsidies for business.

The Budget cuts company tax for small business and raises the personal income tax threshold of $80,000 to $87,0000.

The full text of the Budget is shown below, with complete audio and video.


Download the Budget documents (PDF).

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Hansard transcript of Scott Morrison’s Budget Speech.

Appropriation Bill (No. 1) 2016-2017 [Read more…]

Treasurer Joe Hockey’s 2014-15 Federal Budget Speech; The Abbott Government Arrives

The Treasurer, Joe Hockey, has delivered the first Federal Budget of the Abbott government, increasing taxation on high income earners and re-introducing fuel excise indexation. Big cuts in foreign aid head a raft of spending reductions across most government departments with health, education, the young unemployed and seniors hit hard.

The government has earmarked $11.6 billion for infrastructure spending on road and rail projects, and will establish a $20 billion medical research fund from a new $7 co-payment for visits to the doctor.

The Budget forecasts a deficit in 2014-15 of $29.8 billion, down from the $49.9 billion deficit for 2013-14. It predicts an economic growth rate of 2.5%, a consumer price index increase of 2.25%, and a small increase in unemployment to 6.25%.


As revealed over recent weeks, the Budget imposes a 2% levy on people earning over $180,000. This is expected to raise $3.1 billion over 4 years. Indexation of fuel excise is re-introduced and is expected to raise $2.2 billion over 4 years. Company tax will be cut from 30% to 28.5% in 2015. [Read more…]

Treasurer Peter Costello’s 2003-04 Budget Speech

This is the text and audio of Treasurer Peter Costello’s Budget Speech 2003-04.

It was Costello’s eighth Budget.

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Transcript of Treasurer Peter Costello’s Budget Speech 2003-04.

Mr Speaker, I move that the Bill now be read a second time. [Read more…]

Paul Keating 1984 Federal Budget Speech

The 1984 Federal Budget was Treasurer Paul Keating’s second. It was the first to be televised.

The Budget Speech was delivered in the House of Representatives at 8pm on Tuesday, August 24, 1984.

Earlier in the day, the House paid tribute to Sir Phillip Lynch, the former Liberal Treasurer (1975-77), who died on June 19.

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Hansard transcript of Treasurer Paul Keating’s 1984 Budget Speech.

KeatingMr KEATING (Treasurer)(8.00) —I move:

That the Bill be now read a second time.

In doing so, I present the Budget for 1984-85.

It is just 18 months since the Australian people elected a Labor Government-at a time of severe economic crisis.

Australia was in the grip of the most savage economic recession in fifty years; the economy was in severe decline; unemployment had grown by 270,000 in the previous twelve months and inflation was rising at 11.5 per cent. [Read more…]