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Newspaper Editorials Overwhelmingly Favour Abbott

Australian newspapers have editorialised this morning, overwhelmingly recommending a vote for Tony Abbott and the Coalition in tomorrow’s federal election.

So far, only The Age has endorsed the Labor government.

The editorials from a range of newspapers are shown below. Others will be added as they become available.

Editorial in The Australian.

Leader who will govern in the national interest

Seldom has the bar been set so low for an alternative federal government. An opposition that can convince the Australian people that it can control the nation’s borders, its parliament and its purse strings would win the argument hands down. Yet a leader who aspires to govern in the national interest, restore confidence in government and offer hope for the future must do more than simply win this election by default. He must seek a mandate that lays the ground for a new era of reform to secure Australia’s future prosperity.

The Compelling Case For Change: Canberra Times Election Editorial

This is the election editorial from the Canberra Times.

The Canberra Times is a Rural Press/Fairfax publication.

Editorial from the Canberra Times.

The Compelling Case For Change

Those swinging voters entering polling booths today face a difficult choice: give an economically competent but increasingly tired Coalition a mandate for a fifth term or plump instead for a Labor Party which, if untried and unproved, has mounted a convincing case that it can bring fresh ideas and forward thinking to the challenges facing Australia.

Question Time: Time To Retire The Rhetoric

An editorial in the Canberra Times has called for a major reform of Question Time in the Federal Parliament.

The newspaper argues that the accountability function of the Parliament is being undermined by government and opposition alike: “Over the years, successive governments have abused their position more and more – but oppositions, and the style of questions they ask, are also responsible.”

Voters Left Little To Work With: Canberra Times Election Editorial

The Canberra Times says this year’s election “is perhaps the worst offering Australians have had at election time for 40 years”.

In its election editorial, the paper says the choice “is perhaps the least important” and “the least stark” of recent times.

Editorial from the Canberra Times, November 9, 2001.


Voters Left Little To Work With

Politicians frequently portray whatever election they are fighting as “the most important” for decades. They frequently argue that the choice voters must make is a stark one between them and their opponents. Never has this been less so than at this election. The choice Australians must make tomorrow is perhaps the least important of any election in recent times. And the choice is perhaps the least stark.
Malcolm Farnsworth
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