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Caretaker Conventions During The Federal Election

With the 2016 double dissolution federal election expected to be formally called tomorrow, the Turnbull government will soon go into caretaker mode.

The caretaker period usually begins when the Parliament is dissolved. This could take place as early as Monday, but must take place by close of business on Wednesday in order to satisfy the constitutional requirements of Section 57.

The caretaker conventions are based on the idea that the executive government can no longer he held to account by the Parliament. Therefore, during the election period, the government makes no major policy decisions or appointments and doesn’t enter into contracts, agreements or arrangements that would bind a future government. Any significant decisions that have to be made require consultation with the Opposition. [Read more…]

Federal Government Caretaker Conventions – 2001

This is the official document containing Federal Government caretaker conventions prior to the 2001 Federal Election.

The document, titled “Guidance On Caretaker Conventions”, was issued by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. [Read more…]

Caretaker Government Arrangements – ACT 2001

This is the document issued by the government of the Australian Capital Territory, prior to the 2001 general election.

It is titled: “Guidelines on Arrangements to Apply in the Pre- and Post-Election Period.”

Federal Government Caretaker Conventions – 1998

This is the official document containing the Caretaker Conventions for the Federal Government, issued following the calling of the 1998 Federal Election.

The document was issued by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. [Read more…]