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Bill Shorten Elected ALP Leader

Bill Shorten has been elected leader of the A.L.P.

The result has just been announced, following a Caucus meeting in Canberra.

Shorten won 55 votes to 31 in the Caucus ballot (63.95%) and 40.08% of the membership vote, an overall win of 52.02%.

Shorten polled 12,196 membership votes to Albanese’s 18,230. The ALP says the turnout of 39,426 party members was 74% of those eligible. [Read more…]

Anthony Albanese Announces His Candidacy For The ALP Leadership

Anthony Albanese has spoken to the media, following the announcement of his candidacy for the Labor leadership.

Albanese is the current deputy leader of the party and Deputy Prime Minister in the defeated Labor government. He held the Infrastructure and Transport portfolio throughout the life of the Rudd and Gillard governments.


A rank and file ballot of ALP members will now be held to choose between Albanese and Bill Shorten. The rank and file vote will be weighted as 50% of the total with a Caucus vote to count for the other 50%. [Read more…]

A Labor Leader Departs: Kevin Rudd’s Address To The ALP Parliamentary Caucus

Outgoing Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has addressed the ALP Caucus at its first meeting in Canberra since the Labor government’s defeat in the federal election last Saturday.

Rudd told the Caucus that “together we have preserved the Party as a viable fighting force for the future”.


He praised various members of the outgoing Cabinet and said: “I understand a number of folks in recent days have been free ranging in their character analysis of me. I have not responded because I do not believe this is in the best interests of our Party and our future. And to those who have made these criticisms, I bear none of you any malice and instead hope for your and our collective success in the future.”

As the ALP prepares for a leadership ballot that will give rank and file members of the party a vote for the first time, Rudd said he was a “passionate believer in the democratisation and defactionalisation of our Party.” He said “rank and file members across the country are excited about being able to vote for their leader”.

Rudd said he accepted “full responsibility” for the outcome of the election campaign. “The buck stops with me.”

Australia’s 26th prime minister concluded his remarks by quoting the words of former US President Theodore Roosevelt on “the man who is actually in the arena”. Roosevelt paid tribute to the participant “who, at worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly… so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory or defeat”.

Rudd said Roosevelt summed up his approach to political life “which is one of never dying wondering”. [Read more…]

Rudd Announces Historic Reform To ALP Leadership Election; Party Members To Have 50% Say

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has announced a proposal to give ALP members a 50% say in the election of the federal parliamentary leader.

The Caucus will have the remaining 50% say. A leadership election can be triggered by the leader’s resignation, a federal election loss or a 75% vote of no confidence by the Caucus.

Rudd said: “The proposal guarantees to the electorate that the prime minister they elect is the prime minister they get.”

At a press conference this evening, Rudd said the full ministry had decided on the proposal today. It will be submitted to the Caucus on July 22 for approval. A special meeting of the ALP National Conference is possible if the proposal is rejected. [Read more…]

Kevin Rudd Elected Leader Of The ALP; Gillard New Deputy

Kevin Rudd became leader of the ALP on December 4, 2006.

Rudd defeated Kim Beazley by 49 votes to 39 in a Caucus ballot.

Julia Gillard was elected deputy leader unopposed, replacing Jenny Macklin.

The new Opposition Leader was the first Queenslander to lead the ALP since Bill Hayden (1977-83).

  • Watch the Rudd-Gillard press conference (21m)
  • Listen to Rudd-Gillard (21m)

Transcript of Kevin Rudd’s opening remarks at his first press conference as ALP leader.

So now the new and the real work begins.

Today the Australian Labor party elected a new leadership team with a new leadership style for Australia’s future. A new style of leadership.

Kim Beazley’s just spoken to you. Kim is a good man. I’ve known him for a long, long time. He spoke very well today. He is a man who has given to this party and this movement and this country a hang of a lot over the last quarter of a century or more. [Read more…]

The Establishment of the Federal Labor Caucus

The Australian Labor Party Federal Caucus is 100 years old today.

At the first federal elections held on March 28 and 29, 1901, fourteen members of the Labor Party were elected to the House of Representatives and eight to the Senate. Another two members of the House joined the Labor Party before the parliament met for the first time on May 9, 1901.

According to the official minutes, “a preliminary meeting of member of the Federal Parliament favourable to the formation of a Commonwealth Labour Party was held at Parliament House on Tuesday the 7th May 1901.”

This meeting fixed the following day as the first official meeting of the Labour Caucus. [Read more…]

True Believers: The Story of the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party

This is the text of the speech delivered by Kim Beazley, Leader of the Federal Opposition, at the launch of “True Believers”.

The book, edited by John Faulkner and Stuart Macintyre, records the history of the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party.

It was launched at State Parliament House, Melbourne, as part of the Centenary of Federation celebrations.

Text of Opposition Leader Kim Beazley’s speech launching “True Believers”.

True Believers CoverFormer Prime Ministers, parliamentary colleagues, book-writers, book-editors, and book-readers, ladies and gentlemen:

I am delighted to launch this book, an excellent production that has been a long time in the making.

And I’d like to welcome back – from the literary world – our much-loved and much-respected John Faulkner who laboured so greatly, with co-author Stuart Macintyre, and so many others to produce this truly impressive book. John and Stuart assembled some of the most highly skilled, gnarled and feisty commentators and analysis of Australian political life for this book. [Read more…]

Wayne Swan: The Man Who Led The Caucus Revolt