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Clinton Impeachment Trial: White House Counsel Charles Ruff’s Opening Statement

This is the opening statement by Charles Ruff in the Senate impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton.

Ruff was White House Counsel to the President.

Opening statement by Charles Ruff, White House Counsel.

WHITE HOUSE COUNSEL CHARLES RUFF: Mr. Chief Justice, members of the Senate, distinguished managers.

William Jefferson Clinton is not guilty of the charges that have been proffered against him. He did not commit perjury. He did not obstruct justice. He must not be removed from office.

Now, merely to say those words brings into sharp relief the fact that I and my colleagues are here today, in this great chamber defending the president of the United States. [Read more…]

Clinton Impeachment Trial: Charles Ruff’s Closing Statement On Behalf Of The President

This is the closing statement on behalf of President Bill Clinton by Charles Ruff, in the Senate impeachment trial.

Ruff was White House Counsel.

Closing statement on behalf of President Bill Clinton by Charles Ruff.

The CHIEF JUSTICE: The Chair recognizes Mr. White House Counsel Ruff.

Mr. Counsel RUFF: Thank you, Mr. Chief Justice. Mr. Chief Justice, managers of the House, ladies and gentlemen of the Senate, I can’t resist beginning, following the lead of my colleagues across the well here, by telling you that my name is Charles Ruff and I am from the District of Columbia, and we don’t have a vote in the Congress of the United States. (Laughter.) [Read more…]

Clinton Impeachment: The President’s Lawyers

Five lawyers are to bear most of the burden of President Clinton’s defense: Charles F.C. Ruff, Gregory B. Craig, Cheryl D. Mills, David E. Kendall and Dale Bumpers.

Ruff handled the opening on Tuesday. On Wednesday, special White House counsel Craig will discuss the allegation that the president committed perjury before independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr’s grand jury last August. Deputy White House counsel Mills will rebut obstruction of justice charges related to the hiding of presidential gifts in the Paula Jones case and the alleged witness tampering of his secretary Betty Currie. And Kendall, the private attorney who has represented Clinton through most of the 4½-year Starr investigation starting with Whitewater, will handle the remaining obstruction allegations. Former Arkansas Senator Bumpers will then deliver closing remarks on Thursday. [Read more…]

Charles Ruff, Clinton Attorney, Testifies Before Judiciary Committee

This is the text of Charles Ruff’s testimony to the House Judiciary Committee.

Ruff was Clinton’s attorney and represented him in the subsequent Senate trial.

Text of Charles Ruff statement to the House Judiciary Committee.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I probably will not use all of that time because, very candidly, having watched these proceedings with interest for the last two days, it seems to me that perhaps the most productive thing I can do and my colleagues can do is to respond to the questions of this committee. But I will, with the chair’s permission, speak for a while about some of the issues that I think are important for all of us to understand. [Read more…]