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The Queen’s Christmas Message 2010

Queen Elizabeth II has delivered her annual Christmas message to the Commonwealth.

Queen Elizabeth II Delivers Her 2010 Christmas Message

Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen’s broadcast focussed on the importance of sport in building communities and creating harmony.

The Queen said: “In the parks of towns and cities, and on village greens up and down the country, countless thousands of people every week give up their time to participate in sport and exercise of all sorts, or simply encourage others to do so.

These kinds of activity are common throughout the world and play a part in providing a different perspective on life.”

This year’s message was recorded at Hampton Court Palace. Normally, the messages are recorded at Buckingham Palace. [Read more…]

Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s Christmas Message to Labor Supporters

Julia Gillard's Christmas Message to Labor Supporters

Julia Gillard's Christmas Message to Labor Supporters

A Christmas Message Of Good Cheer From Tony Abbott

A Christmas Message of Good Cheer from Tony Abbott

The Queen’s 2007 Christmas Broadcast

The Queen has delivered her 2007 Christmas message to the Commonwealth.

For the first time in its history, the message was made available on YouTube and as a podcast.

  • Listen to the Queen’s message (7m)
  • Watch the Queen (7m)

Queen Elizabeth II’s 2006 Christmas Broadcast

The Queen has delivered her annual Christmas message to the Commonwealth.

  • Listen to the Queen’s broadcast (7m)
  • Watch the Queen (7m)

This is the text of the Queen’s Christmas Broadcast.

I have lived long enough to know that things never remain quite the same for very long. One of the things that has not changed all that much for me is the celebration of Christmas. It remains a time when I try to put aside the anxieties of the moment and remember that Christ was born to bring peace and tolerance to a troubled world. [Read more…]

Howard And Beazley Carefully Craft Their Christmas Messages

The Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition have delivered Christmas messages to the people of Australia.

HowardJohn Howard’s Christmas message adhered strictly to the political messages he has crafted over nearly 10 years in office, emphasising the generosity of Australia’s overseas aid response and lauding the work of non-government welfare agencies.

The Liberal leader also referred to the significance of Jesus Christ and family life. An intriguing insight into Howard’s political approach can be seen in his departure from the prepared speech distributed by his office. In the televised version he simply refers to “the birth of a man”, whereas the prepared text says “the birth of Jesus Christ”. Whilst keen to support religious values, Howard rarely does so in an overt manner. [Read more…]

Truss Announces Australia-North Pole Air Services Agreement

An air services agreement has been reached between Australia and the North Pole that will allow Santa Claus to fly through Australian airspace on Christmas Eve, according to the Minister for Transport and Regional Services, Warren Truss.

Truss“Rigorous safety checks of Santa’s sleigh and reindeer” have been carried out and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has provided “dispensation allowing the sleigh to fly lower than 1,000 feet over built-up areas.” [Read more…]

2002 Christmas Messages: Howard, Crean And Hollingworth

Prime Minister John Howard’s Christmas Message

HowardDec 24 – Christmas is a time for all of us to be thankful that we live in Australia with all that it has to offer. It is a time of hope and, for many, spiritual renewal.

Our thoughts go out, especially, to the families of the young and innocent who perished at the hand of evil in Bali. We feel for the citizens of other nations who have shared our loss and hope that memories of earlier times will help to sustain them all through their grief.

Equally, we celebrate the courage exhibited by the survivors and recognise the efforts of emergency personnel. [Read more…]