Code Of Conduct For Asylum Seekers Living In Australia: Full Text

This is the full text of the code of conduct for asylum seekers living in Australia.

The code was gazetted last week by the federal government and came into force on December 14.

Text of Code of Conduct for asylum seekers living in Australia.

This Code of Behaviour contains a list of expectations about how you will behave at all times while in Australia. It does not contain all your rights and duties under Australian law. If you are found to have breached the Code of Behaviour, you could have your income support reduced, or your visa may be cancelled. If your visa is cancelled, you will be returned to immigration detention and may be transferred to an offshore processing centre. [Read more…]

Ex-Ministers: Jobs After Government

Following news of jobs obtained by two ex-Howard government ministers, debate has taken place recently about possible conflicts of interest and favourable treatment by government ministers about to leave Parliament.

ReithThe debate centres around the possibility or appearance of impropriety by ministers who obtain employment with business organisations or lobby groups with which they had dealings when they were members of the government.

In government, ministers are subject to a Code of Conduct which requires that they “do not by their conduct undermine public confidence in them or the government”. Amongst other things, ministers are required to resign directorships in public companies and to divest themselves of financial interests in businesses associated with their portfolio responsibilities. [Read more…]

Making The Bastards Honest: Democrats’ Accountability Package

This is the Australian Democrats’ Accountability package.

The documents includes policies on political parties; the public service and Freedom of Information laws; government appointments; ministerial code of conduct; politicians’ entitlements, including superannuation; and corporate accountability.

The document was released by the party’s leader, Senator Meg Lees. [Read more…]

John Howard’s 1996 Ministerial Code Of Conduct

This is the code of conduct issued by Prime Minister John Howard after the 1996 federal election.

A revised code of conduct was released after the 1998 federal election. It is shown below.

John Howard’s 1996 Ministerial Code of Conduct.

It is vital that ministers and parliamentary secretaries do not by their conduct undermine public confidence in them or the government. [Read more…]