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Newspaper Editorials Overwhelmingly Favour Abbott

Australian newspapers have editorialised this morning, overwhelmingly recommending a vote for Tony Abbott and the Coalition in tomorrow’s federal election.

So far, only The Age has endorsed the Labor government.

The editorials from a range of newspapers are shown below. Others will be added as they become available.

Editorial in The Australian.

Leader who will govern in the national interest

Seldom has the bar been set so low for an alternative federal government. An opposition that can convince the Australian people that it can control the nation’s borders, its parliament and its purse strings would win the argument hands down. Yet a leader who aspires to govern in the national interest, restore confidence in government and offer hope for the future must do more than simply win this election by default. He must seek a mandate that lays the ground for a new era of reform to secure Australia’s future prosperity. [Read more…]

Abbott Calls On Gillard To Require Slipper To Step Aside As Speaker

The Prime Minister should require the Speaker to stand aside, according to the Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott.

Abbott today issued a statement following publication of lurid allegations concerning Speaker Peter Slipper.

James Ashby, one of Slipper’s staff-members, has alleged, in documents filed in the Federal Court, that Slipper sexually harassed him.

Describing the situation as a “tawdry state of affairs”, Abbott said that Julia Gillard should require Slipper “to stand aside until these matters are concluded before the courts”.

Abbott said Slipper was entitled to the presumption of innocence but “these allegations unquestionably have the potential to damage the reputation of the office of Speaker and the standing of the Parliament”.

Text of a statement from Opposition Leader Tony Abbott.


The Speaker is the presiding officer of the House of Representatives and is responsible for the orderly conduct of the House and the maintenance of standards of behaviour and integrity.

It is a very senior position within our Parliament and an office that should command respect.

It is important for our Parliament that the Speaker have the respect of colleagues and the trust of the community. [Read more…]

We Stand Behind A Man Of Our State And Our Times: Courier-Mail Election Editorial

This is the election editorial from Brisbane’s Courier-Mail.

The Courier-Mail is a News Limited publication.

Editorial from the Courier-Mail.

We Stand Behind A Man Of Our State And Our Times

Kevin Rudd is a man for his times: outward looking in a world where our circumstances will be increasingly shaped by events we do not control; intellectually capable in a climate that demands considered responses to rapid change; and in touch with popular sentiment. [Read more…]

Newspapers Report Pauline Hanson’s Jailing

The jailing of former One Nation leader, Pauline Hanson, has received wide coverage in this morning’s newspapers.

The national daily, The Australian, ran the story in a side column on page one but most other papers led with the story.

Hanson and David Ettridge were sentenced to three years jail in a Brisbane District Court yesterday after a jury found them guilty of electoral fraud.

The Age





Herald Sun





Hollingworth Unlikely To Survive

There are fresh allegations in Brisbane’s Courier-Mail this morning that Dr. Peter Hollingworth “endorsed a secret cash settlement which hushed up direct evidence of sexual abuse perpetrated against boys at an Anglican Church private school in Brisbane.”

CourierThe allegations are the latest in a series of claims that the Governor-General either turned a blind eye or covered up claims of child sexual abuse during his time as Anglican Archbishop of Brisbane.

It is now difficult to see the Governor-General surviving in his position.

The political pressure on the government is growing, John Howard offered qualified support yesterday, and a number of practical timing considerations have emerged. Hollingworth is scheduled to fly to New Zealand tomorrow and the Queen arrives in Australia next week. The statement promised by Hollingworth in response to the allegations did not appear yesterday, but is due today. A vice-regal resignation seems more likely.