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Sharon Bird (ALP-Cunningham) – Maiden Speech

This is the first speech to the House of Representatives by Sharon Bird, the ALP member for Cunningham.

Bird regained Cunningham for the ALP at the 2004 federal election, defeating the Greens member, Michael Organ, who had held the seat since winning it at a by-election in 2002.

  • Listen to Sharon Bird (22m)

Hansard transcript of maiden speech by Sharon Bird, ALP member for Cunningham. [Read more…]

Greens Renew Call For Royal Commission On Iraq Intelligence

Following the leaking of Colonel Lance Collins’ letter to the Prime Minister concerning intelligence failures, the Australian Greens have renewed their call for a Royal Commission.

Text of a media release from Michael Organ, Australian Greens member for Cunningham in the House of Representatives.

Greens Intelligence Service Royal Commission Bill squarely on point

Michael Organ, Australian Greens Member for CunninghamCunningham MP Michael Organ’s Iraq Royal Commission (Restoring Public Trust in Government) Private Members Bill that he introduced into the Federal Parliament with Greens Senator Bob Brown just last month, now has added urgency as a result of the publication of the intelligence service scandal in today’s Bulletin magazine.

“The report by Captain Martin Toohey has added weight to the view that a Royal Commission is needed into Australia’s critical intelligence services. It is nothing short of alarming but at the same time not surprising that these events have come to light, given the increasing politicisising of the Federal public service. My Bill provides a comprehensive framework allowing the Australian people to get to the bottom of all this once and for all. [Read more…]

Cunningham By-Election – AEC Voting Leaflet

This is a leaflet distributed by the Australian Electoral Commission for the Cunningham by-election in 2002.

The leaflet is similar to what the AEC distributes during every election.


Greens Win Cunningham In Historic By-Election

Cunningham Goes Green

9.50pm – The Australian Greens candidate, Michael Organ, has created electoral history by winning the previously Labor-held electorate of Cunningham in today’s by-election. With 78.34% of the votes counted, the two-party-preferred count has the Greens on 52.22% to the ALP’s 47.78%. It is unlikely that late votes will turn this result around. [Read more…]