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Clinton Impeachment Trial: Comments By Former Senator Dale Bumpers

These are the comments by Dale Bumpers to the Senate impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton.

Bumpers, a Democrat, was the former Governor of Arkansas (1971-75) and a former United States Senator for Arkansas (1975-99). He had retired just a couple of weeks before the impeachment trial began. Bumpers died on New Year’s Day 2016, aged 90.

Comments by former Senator Dale Bumpers.

Dale BumpersMr. Chief Justice, distinguished House managers from the House of Representatives, colleagues, I have seen the look of disappointment on many faces because I know a lot of people thought you were rid of me once and for all.

And I’ve taken a lot of ribbing this afternoon, but I have seriously negotiated with some people, particularly on this side, by an offer to walk out and not deliver this speech in exchange for a few votes. I understand three have it under active consideration. [Read more…]

Clinton Impeachment: The President’s Lawyers

Five lawyers are to bear most of the burden of President Clinton’s defense: Charles F.C. Ruff, Gregory B. Craig, Cheryl D. Mills, David E. Kendall and Dale Bumpers.

Ruff handled the opening on Tuesday. On Wednesday, special White House counsel Craig will discuss the allegation that the president committed perjury before independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr’s grand jury last August. Deputy White House counsel Mills will rebut obstruction of justice charges related to the hiding of presidential gifts in the Paula Jones case and the alleged witness tampering of his secretary Betty Currie. And Kendall, the private attorney who has represented Clinton through most of the 4½-year Starr investigation starting with Whitewater, will handle the remaining obstruction allegations. Former Arkansas Senator Bumpers will then deliver closing remarks on Thursday. [Read more…]