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2016 Federal Election: The Oncers Who Have Become Twicers

Most of the first-term members of the previous parliament have been returned to the new 45th parliament.

Of 42 members elected for the first time at the 2013 federal election, 31 (73.8%) were re-elected on July 2, 2016.

Eight members (19%), all Liberals, were defeated at the election. [Read more…]

ALP Caucus Elects Expanded Shadow Ministry Of 32; Carr Survives

The ALP Caucus has met and elected the Shadow Ministry, following the federal election.

After a split in the Left faction, Senator Kim Carr has survived a proposed demotion and will remain in an expanded shadow ministry of 32.

The factional composition of the shadow ministry is Right 16, Left 15, with one unaligned. There are 19 males and 13 females.

The NSW Right has dumped Sharon Bird and promoted Ed Husic.

In Victoria, the Right has replaced David Feeney with Clare O’Neil, who has just been elected to her second term as member for Hotham.

Following a number of mis-steps in the election campaign, Feeney, the former shadow minister for Defence, is the biggest loser in the Caucus election. [Read more…]

David Feeney’s ALP Talking Points Document

This is the talking points document that David Feeney left in a Sky News studio.

Feeney gave a stumbling interview to David Speers, in which he was unable to explain the party’s policy on the SchoolKids Bonus.

The interview followed days of bad publicity over Feeney’s failure to register a property he owns on his declaration of interests.

Feeney also negatively gears the property. The ALP has undertaken to end negative gearing if elected. [Read more…]

Senator Mehmet Tillem (ALP-Vic) – Valedictory Speech

Senator Mehmet Tillem served just ten months in the upper house.


Tillem, a Labor senator from Victoria, was appointed on August 21, 2013 to fill a casual vacancy created by the resignation of David Feeney, who was preselected for the safe seat of Batman in the House of Representatives. [Read more…]

Senator David Feeney: First Speech

David Feeney was elected to the Senate from Victoria at the December 2007 election.

He took up his seat on July 1, 2008.

Feeney previously worked as an official of the Transport Workers Union and State Secretary of the Victorian ALP. He was Director of Strategy for Victorian Premier Steve Bracks, ALP Campaign Director in South Australia and Assistant National Secretary of the ALP.

Hansard transcript of Senator David Feeney’s first speech to the Senate.

FeeneySenator FEENEY (5:42 PM) —It is a great pleasure to rise for the first time in this place as a senator for Victoria. Mr President, I take this opportunity to congratulate you on your elevation to your new position. I am sure that your wisdom and experience will be appreciated by all honourable senators over the course of this parliament. As I have now known you for several years, you may rest assured that I will draw upon that bank of wisdom and experience as often as I am permitted. [Read more…]

The ‘Death’ Of David Feeney

It says something about the alertness of the newspaper’s classified advertising staff that this ‘death’ notice appears in today’s edition of The Age:


Beloved friend of Bill. Life tragically shortened after a brief battle with M.A.

Your stacks of friends will mourn your passing. Those left will never forget.

        “Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand”.

Love Delia and Reg.

[Read more…]

Victorian ALP Members’ Handbook – 2000

This is the Victorian ALP Members’ Handbook, as published in September 2000.

The handbook was issued under the name of David Feeney, the then State Secretary of the party. Feeney went on to become a senator at the 2007 federal election and the member for Batman at the 2013 election. [Read more…]