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Pauline Hanson’s Bitter Harvest: David Leser

David Leser’s Good Weekend article on Pauline Hanson was published in The Age in November 1996.

At the time it was one of the first pieces to take a close look at the controversial MP. Years later, its picture of Pauline Hanson has more than stood the test of time.

The Age Good Weekend article by David Leser.

Pauline Hanson’s Bitter Harvest

by David Leser

November 30, 1996

Pauline Hanson may be breaching the Racial Discrimination Act when she speaks, but she’s definitely breaking the law when she drives. There was no catching her at 115km per hour on the Cunningham Highway in Queensland one evening recently as we hurtled towards her farm at dusk, under a bank of clouds and a mob of black crows, past (no kidding) Goebels (sic) Road and into the void of the bush.

Pauline Hanson thought it was a hoot, and her staffer-cum- domestic helper-cum-friend and fellow-traveller, Cheyenne MacLeod, said it was, for Hanson, a slow drive. ‘You should see her when she’s really travelling,’ Macleod said laughing.

Pauline Hanson loves the rush of adrenaline. Her voice might quake in Federal Parliament, but in her heart there pumps the blood of a thrill-seeker. She lives close to the edge, in this case an hysterical environment which has spawned one of the most noisome racial debates this country has ever witnessed. [Read more…]