Hill And Rumsfeld Meet

Senator Robert Hill, Minister for DefenceThe Minister for Defence, Senator Robert Hill, has met with his American counterpart, Donald Rumsfeld, in Singapore.

Senator Hill attended the Fourth Asia Security Conference (Shangri La Dialogue) hosted by the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS). He lead Australia’s delegation, including the departmental Secretary for Defence, Mr Ric Smith, and Chief of Air Force, Air Marshal Angus Houston. The dialogue attracts high level representation from Australia, South East Asian nations, Japan, Republic of Korea, Pakistan, New Zealand, UK, US, France and Canada. Senator Hill delivered an address to the conference on ‘Asia Pacific Armed Forces and Counter Terrorism’. [Read more…]

Rumsfeld Attacks Media Coverage Of ‘Liberated’ Iraq

The United States Secretary of Defence, Donald Rumsfeld, has attacked media coverage of the Iraq war.

Rumsfeld said the media failed to see that Iraq had been liberated and its people made free.

He conceded that there would be “untidiness” in the transition to freedom.
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Donald Rumsfeld Briefing On Iraq

This is US Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld’s briefing on operations in Iraq. [Read more…]