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Prosperity And Growth: Herald-Sun Election Editorial

This is the election editorial from Melbourne’s Herald-Sun newspaper.

The Herald-Sun is a News Limited publication.

Editorial from the Herald-Sun.

Prosperity And Growth

Finally, the contest – between a man we barely know and a man we know too well – is drawing to a close.

Our relative ignorance of Labor leader Kevin Rudd has been fashioned by party strategists into promise and possibility – he’s shiny and new without any unfortunate past, save for a misguided night in a New York strip club. [Read more…]

We Stand Behind A Man Of Our State And Our Times: Courier-Mail Election Editorial

This is the election editorial from Brisbane’s Courier-Mail.

The Courier-Mail is a News Limited publication.

Editorial from the Courier-Mail.

We Stand Behind A Man Of Our State And Our Times

Kevin Rudd is a man for his times: outward looking in a world where our circumstances will be increasingly shaped by events we do not control; intellectually capable in a climate that demands considered responses to rapid change; and in touch with popular sentiment. [Read more…]

Time To Think About The Future: The Australian Election Editorial

This is the election editorial from The Australian.

The Australian is a News Limited publication.

Editorial from The Australian.

Time To Think About The Future

A contest between worthy opponents ensures that whoever wins, Australia will be in good hands.

Blessed with resources at a unique time in history, as two billion people are making the transition from poverty to affluence, Australia has the great luxury of being able to consider what pathway its destiny should take. We can be confident that whoever wins tomorrow’s election, the nation’s immediate economic wellbeing is assured. But, as the Pacific century gathers pace, a rare opportunity exists to harness an almost limitless potential presented by our geographic location and well-earned reputation as a reliable supplier and good global citizen. The choice now on offer is to continue to manage our prosperity well and with caution or to utilise it in a way that maximises our claim to the future and better provides for the generations to come. [Read more…]

Two Directions One Decision: The Age Election Editorial

This is the election editorial from The Age newspaper in Melbourne.

The Age is a Fairfax publication.

Editorial from The Age.

Two Directions. One Decision

Tomorrow Australians arrive at one of the most significant days for our nation. The federal election will set the course for the next three years and possibly beyond. It is not our role to tell you who to vote for (in a post-deferential age no one wants to be told who to vote for), or to endorse one party over another. We know most readers of The Age will consider the issues carefully and decide which party they wish to be in government. Our fundamental responsibility is to subject whichever party forms government to continuous independent scrutiny and measure words against actions. On poll eve, we focus primarily on the two main parties’ differing approaches to governing Australia. [Read more…]