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Two Directions One Decision: The Age Election Editorial

This is the election editorial from The Age newspaper in Melbourne.

The Age is a Fairfax publication.

Editorial from The Age.

Two Directions. One Decision

Tomorrow Australians arrive at one of the most significant days for our nation. The federal election will set the course for the next three years and possibly beyond. It is not our role to tell you who to vote for (in a post-deferential age no one wants to be told who to vote for), or to endorse one party over another. We know most readers of The Age will consider the issues carefully and decide which party they wish to be in government. Our fundamental responsibility is to subject whichever party forms government to continuous independent scrutiny and measure words against actions. On poll eve, we focus primarily on the two main parties’ differing approaches to governing Australia. [Read more…]

It’s Not Time To Change Government: Advertiser Election Editorial

The is the election editorial from the Adelaide Advertiser.

The Advertiser is a News Limited publication.

Editorial from The Advertiser.

It’s Not Time To Change Government

Prime Minister John Howard contends the Australian electorate is flirting with change. He is wrong. The electorate is enamoured with change and has been for some time. The polls are testament to this.

So much so, it is equally clear the Labor Party under the leadership of Kevin Rudd has regained most if not all of the ground it lost in the last Federal election. To what extent this popularity manifests itself will be seen tomorrow night when the election counting begins. [Read more…]

Why Kevin Deserves A Chance: Sunday Telegraph Election Editorial

This is the election editorial from the Sydney Sunday Telegraph.

The Sunday Telegraph is a News Limited publication.

Editorial from the Sunday Telegraph.

Why Kevin Deserves A Chance

This time next week, Kevin Rudd could be Prime Minister of Australia. Will Australia have made the right choice?

Mr Rudd has displayed in his 12 months as opposition leader an ability to lead, even though he has stumbled occasionally along the way. [Read more…]

It’s Time, But Not For Labor: Sunday Herald-Sun Election Editorial

This is the election editorial from Melbourne’s Sunday Herald-Sun.

The Sunday Herald-Sun is a News Limited publication.

Editorial from the Sunday Herald-Sun.

It’s Time, But Not For Labor

It is time. Not to change governments, but to resist temptation. It is time to acknowledge that the Coalition is the safe bet in a political contest in which the new, despite its superficial allure, offers less than the familiar. [Read more…]

Coalition Best Placed To Govern: Sunday Mail Election Editorial

This is the election editorial published by Adelaide’s Sunday Mail.

The Sunday Mail is a News Limited publication.

Adelaide Sunday Mail Editorial

Coalition Best Placed To Govern

This has been an underwhelming election campaign. It has been a campaign lacking in a galvanising differential to sweep undecided voters in one direction; it has been a campaign missing a clearcut vision of Australia’s future beyond electoral platitudes. [Read more…]

Now Is Not The Time For Change: Sunday Mail

This is the election editorial from the South Australian Sunday Mail.

The newspaper is part of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation.

Election editorial from the Adelaide Sunday Mail.

Sunday Mail

Five weeks ago Prime Minister John Howard and Opposition Leader Mark Latham launched their election campaigns with the simple mantra: “Trust me, I’m the best to run the country.” [Read more…]

On Polling Day, Trust Only Your Judgement: The Age

This is the editorial from the Victorian Sunday Age.

The newspaper is part of the Fairfax organisation.

Text of editorial from the Sunday Age.


At the start of the federal election campaign, both leaders agreed that trust would be a central issue.

Prime Minister John Howard said the election would be about which party could be trusted to keep the economy strong, interest rates low and lead the fight against terrorism. [Read more…]