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American Ambassador Comments On The ANZUS Alliance

This is the text of remarks by Ambassador Edward W. Gnehm, Jr. for the conference “The U.S.-Australian Alliance in an East Asian Context” at the University of Sydney.

Remarks by US Ambassador Edward W. Gnehm.

GnehmProfessor Albinski, Minister Reith, Opposition Leader Beazley, distinguished guests, I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to say a few words today on a subject that you might imagine is dear to my heart, the Australian-American alliance. For the past year it has been my privilege to participate on a daily basis in the workings of ANZUS. This has been one of the most rewarding tasks in my career in the Foreign Service. I have therefore listened with great interest to the observations on the alliance which U.S., Australian, and regional experts have offered these past two days. They have given us much food for thought.
Malcolm Farnsworth
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