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ALP Launches Anti-Abbott Television Advertisement

With the federal election campaign slipping away from it, the ALP has launched a television advertisement attacking Tony Abbott.

The advertisement is titled: “If Tony Abbott Wins, You Lose.”

The ALP has also launched a website with the same name.

A Newspoll out tomorrow shows a further decline in support for the ALP. Newspoll measures its primary vote at 34%, down 1% from last week. Last week’s figure was a 2% decline from the previous poll.

A New Way: ALP Launches First Election Campaign Ad

The ALP has released its first television advertisement, following today’s announcement of an election on September 7.

The advertisement features Kevin Rudd and the ALP’s campaign slogan, A New Way.

ALP Launches Kevin Rudd Television Advertisement

This is the advertisement the ALP is running on Australian television tonight.

The party’s YouTube channel titles the ad as “Raising the standards”.

1998 Federal Election: Australian Electoral Commission Advertisements

These are advertisements broadcast by the Australian Electoral Commission during the 1998 federal election.

They explain how to cast a formal vote in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

  • House of Representatives
  • Senate

1998 Federal Election: Australian Democrats Advertisements

These are two advertisements broadcast by the Australian Democrats for the 1998 federal election.

The first features the party’s leader, Senator Meg Lees. The second warns against a vote for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation.

  • Meg Lees
  • One Nation

1998 Federal Election: National Party Advertisement

This is a National Party advertisement broadcast during the 1998 federal election.

It features the Leader of the National Party, Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer.

  • Tim Fischer

1998 Federal Election: Liberal Party Advertisements

This is a selection of Liberal Party advertisements broadcast during the 1998 federal election.

They include radio advertisements and the audio soundtrack of television advertisements. [Read more…]

1998 Federal Election: ALP Advertisements

This page contains a selection of advertisements broadcast by the ALP during the 1998 federal election campaign.

They include radio advertisements and the soundtrack of television advertisements.

The ads focus on the Goods and Services Tax (GST) proposed by the Howard government at the election and opposed by the ALP opposition.

  • You don’t mind me asking, Dad?
  • GST Counter
  • Sparkie
  • You’ll Never Get Rid Of That
  • Cheryl Kernot