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Federal Election Announcement And Polling Dates Since 1966

The table on this page shows the announcement dates, polling dates, and the number of campaign days for each federal election over the past 50 years.

Many elections, including the one announced today by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, are preceded by rumours about the date but the only fair comparison of the length of an election campaign is to compare the length of time between the official announcement of the election and polling day.

Turnbull has initiated the longest official election campaign since 1984. It is 55 days (seven weeks and six days) until July 2. In 1984, Bob Hawke’s campaign was 54 days long. It was 53 days in 1972. [Read more…]

Double Disappointment Day: Greens React To Election Announcement

The Australian Greens have reacted to the July 2 double dissolution election announcement, describing it as a “double disappointment” for Australians.

The Greens says the public deserves better than it is getting from both the Coalition and the ALP.

They say: “Both the Liberals and Labor support new coal mines. They both support detaining innocent people in hellish camps offshore. They both lack the courage to clean up our democracy. They’re a double disappointment and this double dissolution election is an opportunity for voters to demand better.” [Read more…]

Shorten’s Response To July 2 Election Announcement: “We Have Positive Plans”

The Leader of the Opposition, Bill Shorten, has responded to the Prime Minister’s announcement of a July 2 double dissolution election.

Shorten said Australians have “a clear choice” at the election. “A choice between Labor’s positive plans for the future, and three more years of dysfunction, of dithering and of disappointment.”

Speaking in Launceston, Tasmania, Shorten empasised Labor’s “positive plans”. He said he would fight the election on schools and education, as well as health, hospitals and Medicare. “I will fight this election for real action on climate change,” he said. “I will fight this election to help create a vibrant economy, growing jobs, with reasonable conditions, and security for all.” [Read more…]

Malcolm Turnbull Formally Announces July 2 Double Dissolution Election

The Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has formally announced a double dissolution election for July 2.


Turnbull made the announcement in Parliament House at 2.30pm, following his visit to the Governor-General at 1.00pm to formally advise the election.

The election will be Australia’s seventh double dissolution election. The last was in 1987, also the only other time an election has been held in July. All of the 150 seats in the House of Representatives and 76 Senate positions will be up for election.

In his announcement, Turnbull emphasised his government’s policies on science, technology and innovation, as well as policies designed to stimulate employment. He said the election offered a choice, “to stay the course” for jobs and growth, or go back to Labor and “stop the transition to the new economy economy dead in its tracks”. [Read more…]

Howard Calls November 10 Election; Refuses To Commit To Serving Full Three Years

At a press conference just completed in Canberra, John Howard has refused to commit himself to serving a full three year term if he wins the election, saying only that he had no wish to leave government at this time, given recent international events.

HowardAsked why he had chosen November 10, he denied that it had anything to do with the timing of planned US action against terrorism. He said the Parliament’s 3-year term expired on November 9 and the election would be held the day after.

He reiterated earlier comments that Australia owes its freedom to the United States in World War II. [Read more…]


The Prime Minister, John Howard, has confirmed that a general election will be held on Saturday, November 10, 2001.

John Howard, seeking a third termHoward said this is not the time to abandoned a tried and tested team for obscurity and confusion. He said it’s a time to choose strength, certainty and stability.

He said he sought a mandate on the basis of his government’s stewardship over the past five and a half years.

Howard said the economy had been given a “strength and resilience” to withstand the “shocks” that had reverberated around the world since September 11. [Read more…]

Howard Announces The 1998 Federal Election

Prime Minister John Howard announced the 1998 federal election on Sunday, August 30.

The announcement of an October 3 election came at the conclusion of a government advertising campaign to promote ANTS – A New Tax System. The proposed Goods and Services Tax was the centrepiece of the government’s election policy.

In his announcement, Howard said the main issue of the campaign would be economic competence.

  • Listen to Howard’s announcement (19m)

Transcript of Prime Minister John Howard’s press conference announcing the date of the 1998 Federal Election.

HowardGood morning ladies and gentlemen. This morning I called on His Excellency, the Governor-General and recommended to him that the Parliament should be prorogued, the House of Representatives dissolved and an election held on the 3rd of October for the House of Representatives and half of the Senate. And His Excellency has accepted my advice and an election will be held on the 3rd of October.

The main issue in this election campaign will be that of economic competence. The main issue will be whether the Coalition or the Labor Party, at a time of economic uncertainty, even turmoil in some parts of the world, whether the Coalition or the Labor Party should be placed at the helm of economic management in Australia. [Read more…]