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The Fabian Society And The Labor Tradition: Speech By Simon Crean

This is the text of an address to the Fabian Society, in Melbourne, by Simon Crean, Leader of the Federal Opposition.

Text of speech by the Leader of the Opposition, Simon Crean.

Simon Crean, Leader of the OppositionThank you for the invitation to address the Fabian Society.

In the last 12 months we have seen just about every Shadow Minister address the Fabian Society. To my recollection this is a dramatic change. Labor Shadows used to be more often seen addressing CEDA or the Sydney Institute or the BCA. This is a great development because it’s about getting the party members and supporters involved again in policy development – which is one of the goals of the party reforms I have made. It’s about reconnecting with our base and good Labor ideas. [Read more…]

Wayne Swan: Connecting With The Missing Middle – Reforming The Parliament And The ALP

Wayne Swan, the ALP’s Shadow Minister for Families and Community Services, has made a major speech analysing the outcome of the 2001 Federal Election and proposing a series of constitutional, parliamentary and electoral reforms, as well as reforms to the ALP.

SwanSwan delivered the speech to the Fabian Society. It is titled: Connecting With The Missing Middle: Reforming The Parliament And The ALP. The full speech appears below.

Swan, the member for Lilley, advocates radical reforms to the ALP’s structure and organisation, in the wake of the party’s third successive election defeat last November. Swan has also proposed a number of parliamentary reforms to revitalise the political process. [Read more…]