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The Day After 2: Liberal Dream

Howard Government Elected To Second Term; Beazley & Lees Lose Seats; Crean To Challenge Evans; Kernot Loses Dickson

The Liberal and National Parties were returned to power last night in an unexpectedly strong showing in the general election.


Whilst losing 7 seats, the coalition gained two from the ALP and three more from independents. Pauline Hanson failed to win in the Queensland electorate of Blair and Democrats leader Senator Meg Lees looks certain to lose her South Australian Senate seat. At the close of counting last night, the coalition looked set to take 92 of the 148 seats in the House of Representatives, a net loss of only 2 seats. [Read more…]

The Day After 1: ALP Dream

Beazley Storms To Victory in Historic Election; Hanson Defeated; Costello To Contest Liberal Leadership; Libs Blame Kennett

Kim Beazley claimed victory last night as the Federal election produced one of the most dramatic results in over 60 years.

BeazleyAt the close of counting the ALP looked certain to take at least 31 seats from the coalition and was holding its own in at least 5 more. It is likely to have at least 79 seats in the 148 member House of Representatives. The ALP registered a national swing of 4.9% against the coalition, although this is not evenly distributed across the nation. In the Senate, the Australian Democrats look set to regain the balance of power, winning at least 5 seats, including one in the ACT. Two ministers lost their seats in the rout and one more is uncertain. [Read more…]