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Abbott Says No To Superannuation Levy Increase But Won’t Repeal In Government

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says the coalition will not support increases to the superannuation levy but nor will it repeal them in government.

Tony Abbott addresses the Financial Services Council

The Gillard government is proposing to increase the compulsory superannuation levy from 9% to 12% over eight years.

Speaking to the Financial Services Council today, Abbott said his party’s instinct “is to provide incentives, not to coerce people. Nevertheless, once these things are there we don’t add to them but we don’t roll them back and that is the approach that we will take to the current legislation. We aren’t going to support it in the Parliament but if it goes through we will not try to rescind it. We do accept that it is very important that people have adequate retirement incomes, particularly with an ageing population.”

  • Listen to Tony Abbott’s speech (18m)
  • Listen to Tony Abbott’s media doorstop (3m)

Transcript of Tony Abbott’s speech to the Financial Services Council.

Well, Craig, thank you so much. John, thank you very much for the invitation to be here. It is good to be amongst so many people who are so important to the retirement savings of our nation. It’s great to have the Shadow Minister for Seniors, Bronwyn Bishop here. It’s also good to have my colleague from Bradfield, Paul Fletcher here.

I really do want to say at the outset just how important you are to all of us. As John pointed out earlier this morning, you have $1.8 trillion of our money in your hands and that’s a heavy responsibility. We want our nest egg to grow and it will grow because of the intelligent decisions that you make. So, you are very important to our people, very important to our country and it gives me great confidence to be here today and to see how obviously enthusiastic you are about the work you do and how extraordinarily conscientious you are about the work you do. [Read more…]