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Turnbull Government Returned To Office, But Majority Or Minority Status Still Not Clear

11.52pm – Counting in undecided seats brought the Turnbull government closer to re-election today, although the ultimate prize remains tantalisingly out of reach for yet another day.

There seems litle doubt now that Forde is a gain for the Liberal National Party in Queensland. After taking the lead yesterday, the LNP was up by 687 votes tonight. The trend in the counting of postal, absentee, provisional and declaration pre-poll votes is clear. Forde has been taken out of the Undecided table below.

This change means that the Coalition now has 74 seats, the ALP 66, and Others 5.

Of the 5 remaining seats in doubt, the ALP is ahead in all 5 (Capricornia, Flynn, Herbert, Hindmarsh and Cowan). If these leads are maintained, the Coalition will finish with 74 seats, the ALP 71, and Others 5.

However, the ALP’s lead has been shrinking in each seat following each day’s counting. In Hindmarsh, for example, the ALP fell to an 8-vote lead today before jumping back up to 68. The figures are shown in the table below.

The most dramatic change in the past 24 hours has been in Flynn, where postal votes are flowing 62.78% to the LNP and the ALP’s lead has been cut from 1,824 votes to 646 over two days of counting.
Malcolm Farnsworth
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