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The Politics Of Heroin: Howard Takes Issue With Four Corners

The Prime Minister, John Howard, has taken issue with the ABC television program, Four Corners, over its report last night, ‘The Politics of Heroin’.

Four Corners claimed that “as politicians and police wage war on illegal drugs, another crucial battle is being played out behind the scenes. It’s a struggle over how Australia tackles the drug problem. A clash between the forces of zero tolerance and harm minimisation, between those who fight any easing of drug prohibitions and those who say drug use is a reality that must be accepted and regulated.”

Donald Horne And David Kemp On The State Of The Nation In 1980

A month before the 1980 Federal Election, the ABC’s Four Corners broadcast a program featuring Donald Horne and David Kemp.

Donald Horne, 51 at the time, was an author, journalist and social critic. He was best known for his 1960s book, The Lucky Country. Five years earlier, at the time of the Whitlam Dismissal, he wrote Death of the Lucky Country. Horne died in 2005.

David Kemp, 39 at the time, was a Politics academic at Monash University and an adviser to the Liberal Prime Minister, Malcolm Fraser. Following the election, Kemp became Director of the Prime Minister’s Office. In 1990, Kemp defeated the Liberal moderate Ian Macphee for preselection for the Melbourne electorate of Goldstein. He was a Cabinet minister in the Howard government and retired in 2004.
Malcolm Farnsworth
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