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ALP To Launch Online Labor Herald News Service; Mainstream Media Filtering Criticised

The ALP is to launch a daily email news service in response to what it says is filtering by the mainstream media.

In an email to ALP members and supporters, the party’s National Secretary, George Wright, said the service would be called “Labor Herald”: “You’ve told us that you can see the Labor message isn’t making it through the mainstream media and we have to produce our own news service.”

Wright said the ALP will spend around $95,000 a year to find someone – “hopefully a news journalist with experience online” – to produce a free daily bulletin for anyone who signs up. He describes the venture as “a bit like Labor’s own Crikey”.

The bulletin will contain “handy facts, interesting articles and video”, said Wright. “It will be no nonsense and it won’t be filtered through the mainstream media.”

The ALP is asking for 350 “foundation subscribers” to donate $22.60 a month to fund the venture. [Read more…]

ALP Submission To JSCEM Review Of 2013 Federal Election

This is the ALP’s submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters’ review of the 2013 Federal Election.

The committee conducts a review of every federal election.

The ALP’s submission bears the signature of the party’s National Secretary, George Wright. Amongst other things, it calls for reform of the Senate voting system by introducing optional preferential voting above and below the line. [Read more…]

George Wright: ALP’s 2013 Federal Election Analysis

The ALP National Secretary, George Wright, has addressed the National Press Club on the outcome of the 2013 federal election.

Wright said the party’s polling had showed it was likely to lose more than 40 seats and be reduced to 30 seats under Julia Gillard. He said the ALP “cauterised” its losses by returning to Kevin Rudd. “He did make a difference,” Wright said. In the end, the ALP lost 17 seats and will have 55 members in the new House.


Disunity and division crippled the ALP’s election chances, Wright maintained. He said issues such as the carbon tax, aslyum seekers and debt were lesser order issues than Labor’s conduct in office. [Read more…]

Liberals Propose One Debate And Two Forums During Election

The Liberal Party has proposed one debate and two forums with Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott during the election campaign.

The Federal Director of the Liberal Party, Brian Loughnane, has written to the National Secretary of the ALP, George Wright, proposing a televised debate between the two leaders next Sunday. [Read more…]

ALP National Secretary Pays Tribute To Gillard

The ALP National Secretary, George Wright, has paid tribute to the outgoing Prime Minister, Julia Gillard

In a statement published on the party’s website, Wright said Gillard “achieved much for our nation and leaves a strong legacy”.

Statement from George Wright, National Secretary of the ALP.

A record worth fighting for

National Secretary George Wright’s statement on the election of Kevin Rudd as Leader of the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party.

On behalf of the Labor National Secretariat and members of the Australian Labor Party, I congratulate Kevin Rudd who last night was elected Labor Leader by the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party. [Read more…]

ALP Releases Anti-Abbott Ad

The ALP has released on YouTube an advertisement attacking Tony Abbott as “Mr. Negativity”.

George Wright, the ALP National Secretary, said: “There’s no doubt Tony Abbott is the most mindlessly negative Opposition Leader in history. Sure, people expect Oppositions to oppose – but Mr Abbott has made it ridiculous. With no vision for Australia, no plan for the future, Tony Abbott’s default position is ‘No, No, No.'”