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Official Biography Of Major-General Michael Jeffery

Major-General Michael Jeffery, the former Governor of Western Australia, is to be Australia’s 24th Governor-General, replacing Peter Hollingworth.

Major-General Jeffery will be sworn into the position in the Senate chamber on August 11. The Governor of Tasmania, Sir Guy Green, will continue to act as Administrator of the Commonwealth until that time.


Jeffery will be the first Australian-born Governor-General with a background as a full-time military officer. Sir William Slim was the last Governor-General from the ranks of the military. [Read more…]

John Howard’s Press Conference Announcing Major-General Michael Jeffery As Next Governor-General

The Prime Minister, John Howard, called a press conference today to announce that he has appointed Major-General Michael Jeffery as Australia’s new Governor-General.

Jeffery is a former Governor-General of Western Australia.

Jeffery [Read more…]

Howard Announces Appointment of Major-General Michael Jeffery As New Governor-General

The former Governor of Western Australia, Major-General Michael Jeffery, is to be Australia’s next Governor-General.

The announcement was made today by the Prime Minister, John Howard.

Jeffery will be Australia’s 24th Governor-General. He will take up the position on August 11.

Text of the media statement released by the Prime Minister, John Howard, announcing the appointment of Australia’s 24th Governor-General.


JefferyI am pleased to announce that Her Majesty The Queen has accepted my recommendation to appoint Major-General Michael Jeffery, AC,CVO,MC as Australia’s next Governor-General.

While the appointment, when formally made, will be at royal pleasure, it is expected that General Jeffery will serve between three and four years.

General Jeffery has a long and distinguished record of public service. He was Governor of Western Australia from 1993 to 2000, during which period he twice served as Administrator of the Commonwealth. General Jeffery is currently Chairman of the not-for-profit public policy think-tank, Future Directions International. [Read more…]

Howard’s Flimsy Reasons For Attending Queen Mother’s Funeral

In order to avoid further criticism of the Governor-General, John Howard has manufactured an argument to justify his trip to London for the Queen Mother’s funeral next Tuesday.

In an interview with Stan Zemanek on Melbourne’s 3AW, Howard claimed that it was appropriate for him to attend the funeral “given the role of the Queen Mother and particularly the identification with her of many Australians of World War II generation.” [Read more…]

Governor-General’s Speech Opening The 40th Parliament

The fortieth parliament met for the first time on February 12, 2002, following the 2001 federal election.

Peter HollingworthThe election saw the Howard Liberal-Nationals coalition returned for its third term.

By tradition, the Governor-General’s speech is written by the government of the day.

The speech is a statement by the government of its policy intentions over the life of the parliament.

This was the first and last speech opening parliament by the Governor-General, Dr. Peter Hollingworth. He resigned in 2003. [Read more…]

Governor-General Bill Hayden Opens The 36th Parliament

This is the speech by Governor-General Bill Hayden opening the 36th Parliament following the 1990 federal election.

It was Hayden’s first opening of parliament since his appointment as Governor-General in 1989. Previously, Hayden was Foreign Minister in the Hawke Labor government (1983-88). He was Minister for Social Security and Treasurer in the Whitlam Labor government (1972-75).

  • Listen to Hayden

Hansard transcript of Governor-General Bill Hayden’s speech opening Parliament.

His Excellency the Governor-General entered the chamber and, being seated, with the President on his right hand, commanded that a message be sent to the House of Representatives intimating that His Excellency desired the attendance of honourable members in the Senate chamber forthwith, who having come with their Speaker, His Excellency was pleased to deliver the following speech: [Read more…]

Governor-General Bill Hayden Interviewed By Laurie Oakes

This video of Laurie Oakes interviewing Governor-General Bill Hayden was broadcast in 1989.

I’m not sure of the precise date of the broadcast. It is dated here as June 30 for filing purposes.

Hayden became Governor-General in February 1989, after a 27-year career as a Labor politician.

Elected to the Queensland seat of Oxley in 1961, Hayden became Minister for Social Security in the Whitlam government in 1972. He introduced Medibank, the precursor of the current Medicare, Australia’s first system of universal health insurance. In 1975, he became Treasurer.

Hayden became Leader of the Opposition after the ALP’s defeat in the 1977 federal election. He led the party at the 1980 election, picking up seats but failing to win.

Hayden stood down as leader and was replaced by Bob Hawke on the eve of the 1983 federal election. He served as Foreign Minister in the Hawke government between 1983 and 1988.

Hayden was Governor-General until 1996 when he was replaced by Sir William Deane.

In this interview with Laurie Oakes, Hayden studiously avoids making any political comment on his notorious predecessor, Sir John Kerr, the man who dismissed the Whitlam government in 1975.

  • Watch Hayden interviewed by Oakes (15m)