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Craig Thomson Says He Was Set Up

Craig Thomson has defended himself against allegations of misuse of union funds in an extraordinary interview with Laurie Oakes on Channel 9.

Thomson claims threats were made against him in 2004 that he would be set up with “hookers” to “ruin my potential political career”.

He argues that other members of the Health Services Union had knowledge of his credit card and driver’s licence numbers. He says “proof of a phone call is not proof of who is on the end of the phone…cutting right through it, Laurie, it was not me.” [Read more…]

Fair Work Australia Report On Health Services Union

Fair Work Australia has released a devastating report on the activities of the Health Services Union and Craig Thomson.

Abbott: Gillard Should Also Reject Thomson’s Vote

2.30pm – Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says the Prime Minister should not claim Craig Thomson’s vote whilst the allegations surrounding him are resolved.

Reacting to the earlier media conferences by Gillard and Thomson, Abbott said the government’s survival hinged on a “tainted” vote. He reiterated his call for an early election.

Abbott queried what had happened to cause Gillard to take action against Thomson and Slipper today. [Read more…]

Thomson Moves To Crossbenches; Will Still Support Labor

1.20pm – Craig Thomson has confirmed that his membership of the ALP has been suspended and he will now sit on the parliamentary crossbenches.

Speaking at a media conference in his Dobell electorate, Thomson said he will continue to support the ALP on questions of confidence and supply.

He parried questions from journalists about when the Prime Minister contacted him. He said both of them had reached the same decision but for different reasons. [Read more…]

ACTU Distances Itself From Health Services Union

The Australian Council of Trade Unions is about to suspend the Health Services Union.

Kearney, Lawrence - ACTU

Officials of the Australian Council of Trade Unions officials said today the organisation had “zero tolerance” for corruption or the “misuse of members’ funds”. Ged Kearney and Jeff Lawrence said the ACTU was considering suspension of the Health Services Union. [Read more…]

Gillard Pressed On Craig Thomson

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has again responded to questions about Craig Thomson, as allegations surrounding the Health Services Union continue to be levelled. [Read more…]

Craig Thomson: Fair Work Australia Investigation

The Fair Work Australia investigation of Craig Thomson and the Health Services Union dominated political news today.

Craig Thomson