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Liberals Outpoll Labor In South Australia But Weatherill Clings To Power As Two Independents Hold The Balance In Hung Parliament

The South Australian Labor government led by Premier Jay Weatherill is clinging to government as counting of today’s election continues. Two independents will most likely hold the balance of power in a hung parliament, with the ALP best placed to form government.


In the 47-member House of Assembly, the ALP has won 23 seats, the Liberals have 22, and there are 2 independents. [Read more…]

Agreement To Form Government: The Windsor-Oakeshott-Gillard Deal

This is the full text of the agreement Prime Minister Julia Gillard has signed with the rural independents Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott.

The documents details policy agreements and commitments to the operation of the hung parliament. [Read more…]

Victorious Gillard Says Democracy Works

A beaming Julia Gillard, flanked by her grinning deputy, Wayne Swan, has expressed her desire to get on with the job now that the rural independents have supported her leadership of a minority Labor government.

Julia Gillard

Gillard and Swan appeared before the media at 4.40pm, one hour after the independents announced their decision. [Read more…]


Julia Gillard will lead Labor into a second term of government, following the decision by Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott to support the ALP.

Rob Oakeshott

Oakeshott and Windsor have just spoken to a packed press conference in Canberra. Windsor announced his decision first, speaking for around five minutes. Oakeshott spoke for 17 minutes.

With the support of the independent member for Denison, Andrew Wilkie, and the Greens member for Melbourne, Adam Bandt, the ALP will form a minority government with control of 76 votes in the 150 member House of Representatives. [Read more…]

Andrew Wilkie To Support Minority Gillard Labor Government

Andrew Wilkie, the new independent member for Denison, has announced that he will give his support to the ALP in the hung parliament.

Wilkie has signed an agreement with Prime Minister Gillard.

Andrew Wilkie

Wilkie announced his decision at 3.30pm today, whilst government negotiations with the other independent members continue.

In his written agreement with Gillard, Wilkie undertakes to vote with the Government to ensure supply. He maintains his right to vote independently on all other legislation, “but undertakes to involve himself in negotiations with the Government before exercising that right.

Wilkie also agrees to oppose any motion of no confidence in the Government unless he has moved or seconded the motion.

The agreement includes a commitment by the government to work on a range of accountability proposals such as the online registration of lobbyists, improvements to Question Time and the creation of a Parliamentary Budget Office. Gillard and Wilkie have agreed to meet with each other once every sitting week and fortnightly at other times.

The government has agreed to contribute $100 million upfront for the construction of the Women and Children’s Hospital in Hobart. It will contribute to the $565 million redevelopment of the Royal Hobart Hospital.

The government has committed to implement a number of poker machine reforms, including a “best practice pre-commitment schme” for all poker machines across all States and Territories by 2014.