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Howard Reshuffle: Ellison Promoted, New Minister From WA

Senator Chris Ellison has been promoted to Cabinet to replace Senator Ian Campbell as Minister for Human Services.

Senator David Johnston, Minister for Justice and CustomsAnnouncing the ministerial changes today, the Prime Minister, John Howard, also brought Western Australian Senator David Johnston (pictured) into the Ministry to take Senator Ellison’s previous portfolio of Justice and Customs.

The ministerial arrangements preserve the balance of representation between the House and Senate and between the States.

The changes follow the weekend resignation of Senator Ian Campbell, following revelation of a 20-minute meeting he had last year with Brian Burke. [Read more…]

Campbell Quits Howard Ministry Over Burke Connections

The Brian Burke controversy has claimed the job of a Howard Government minister.

Senator Ian Campbell (Liberal, WA), former Minister for Human Services The Minister for Human Services, Senator Ian Campbell, a Liberal from Western Australia, resigned today following revelations in morning newspapers that he met with the former Western Australian Premier in June last year.

According to The Australian, Campbell met with Burke on June 8 last year “to discuss an indigenous cultural centre planned as part of a massive redevelopment of race courses on the Swan River”. According to the paper, “Senator Campbell’s office was approached by Julian Grill, Mr Burke’s business partner, to arrange a meeting. Mr Burke and Mr Grill were being paid by Perth Racing, the old West Australian Turf Club, to assist with a proposal for a multi-million-dollar urban development. The cultural centre proposal was thought to be a sweetener to help win approval for the wider development project. Mr Grill pulled out of the meeting with Senator Campbell the night before.” [Read more…]