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Tim Wilson Wins Liberal Party Preselection For Goldstein

Tim Wilson, the former Human Rights Commissioner and employee of the Institute of Public Affairs, has won Liberal Party preselection for the Victorian seat of Goldstein.


Wilson, who turned 36 a week ago, and Denis Dragovic emerged as the two top candidates after the first ballot at the preselection. The other favoured candidate, Georgina Downer, the daughter of former Foreign Minister Alexander Downer, was eliminated.

Sen. James Paterson (Lib-Vic) – Maiden Speech

Senator James Paterson has delivered his first speech to the Senate, one day after being sworn in to fill the casual vacancy created by the resignation of former Senator Michael Ronaldson.


Paterson, 28, is a Liberal Party representative from Victoria. He previously worked for the Institute of Public Affairs.

  • Listen to Paterson’s speech (20m)
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Hansard transcript of Senator James Paterson’s maiden speech to the Senate.

The PRESIDENT (17:00): Pursuant to orders, we will pause the housekeeping there and move to the consideration of a first speech. Before I call on Senator Paterson, I indicate the presence in the gallery of former Senator Ronaldson, who Senator Paterson has replaced, and also former Senator Alston.

I remind senators that it is always the custom that first speeches are heard in silence. With that, I have great pleasure in calling Senator Paterson.

Senator PATERSON (Victoria) (17:00): Thank you, Mr President. It is a great honour to be here today. Less than two weeks ago I was a private citizen. Ten days ago I was chosen by my fellow Liberal Party members to fill this casual vacancy. One week ago I was nominated by the Victorian parliament to take up this role. Yesterday I was sworn in. It has been quite a ride.

James Paterson Sworn In As Victorian Liberal Senator

James Paterson has been sworn in as a Victorian senator, filling a casual vacancy left by the retirement of Michael Ronaldson.

Paterson, 28, is a former official of the Institute of Public Affairs. He won preselection last week.

Under Section 15 of the Constitution, the casual vacancy is filled by a vote of the two houses of the Victorian Parliament sitting as one. Since the referendum of 1977, casual vacancies must be filled by a person from the same political party as the departing senator.

Paterson will see out the remainder of Ronaldson’s term which runs until June 30, 2017, barring a double dissolution this year. He is expected to secure a winnable position on the Liberal Party’s Senate ticket.
Malcolm Farnsworth
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