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Democratic Primaries Cement John Kerry’s Position As Frontrunner For Presidential Nomination

The mini-Super Tuesday Democratic Party primaries and caucuses have cemented Senator John F. Kerry’s position as the frontrunner for his party’s presidential nomination.

Kerry won the contests in Missouri, Arizona, Delaware, New Mexico and North Dakota.

Senator John Edwards won in South Caroline, keeping his hopes alive, at least for a few days.

Retired General Wesley Clark had a narrow victory over Edwards and Kerry in Oklahoma, also delaying his departure from the race.

The former frontrunner and Governor of Vermont, Howard Dean, was defeated in all seven contests.

The 2000 vice-presidential nominee, Senator Joe Lieberman, was also defeated and announced his withdrawal from the race. [Read more…]

John Kerry Wins New Hampshire Democratic Primary; Election Night Speeches

Senator John Kerry has won the Democratic New Hampshire primary.

Kerry polled 39% against his opponents Howard Dean, Wesley Clark, John Edwards and Joe Lieberman.

His win makes him the party’s frontrunner for this year’s nomination. [Read more…]

Democratic Party Candidates Debate In New Hampshire

The seven Democratic Party presidential candidates have met in debate in Manchester, New Hampshire, in the aftermath of the Iowa caucuses which delivered a convincing victory to Massachusetts Senator John Kerry.

Gen. Wesley Clark, Howard Dean, Sen. John Edwards (N.C.), Sen. John Kerry (Mass.), Sen. Joseph Leiberman (Conn.), Rep. Dennis Kucinich (Ohio), and the Rev. Al Sharpton participated in the debate.

Moderators were Brit Hume of Fox News, Peter Jennings of ABC News, Tom Griffith of WMUR, and John Distaso of The Union Leader.

This recording was taken from the FOX news channel coverage. [Read more…]

Lieberman Accepts Democratic Nomination For Vice-President

Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman has accepted the Democratic Party’s nomination for Vice-President in a keynote speech at the party’s convention in Los Angeles.

In his acceptance speech, Lieberman spoke of his family’s heritage and emphasised environment and health policies. Referring to Al Gore, he said:

“He and I will continue the work we have done together to keep our air, water and land clean. We are going to continue to work to make sure that a child can drink a glass of water, or a father can fish in a stream, or a family can go to a park, without having to worry that their health and safety is at risk.” [Read more…]

Democratic Party Convention Set To Begin In Los Angeles

The Democratic Party meets this week in Los Angeles to formally nominate Vice-President Al Gore as its candidate in this year’s presidential election.

DemocraticPresident Bill Clinton will address the convention on Monday night, as will his wife, Hillary, herself a candidate for a New York Senate seat. Clinton’s speech will be telecast immediately after the Titans-Rams football game and will be one of his last opportunities to promote his record in office. Clinton is expected to take credit for the state of the US economy – “My old daddy used to say: If you find a turtle on a fence post, chances are it didn’t get there by accident” – and lavish praise on Gore.

The speech will be followed by a symbolic “passing of the torch” ceremony on Tuesday, prior to Gore’s address to the convention on Thursday night. [Read more…]

Gore Chooses Lieberman As Running Mate

Vice-President Al Gore has chosen Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman as his running mate on the Democratic Party’s ticket in this year’s presidential election.

Whilst the decision has not yet been formally announced, the choice is now common knowledge and is being widely reported in the American media. A formal announcement is expected at midday Tuesday, US time.

Lieberman was one of Clinton’s harshest critics during the Monica Lewinsky scandal that led to the President’s impeachment in 1998 and Senate trial in 1999. He has a reputation for speaking his mind.

The Democratic Party convention is to be held in Los Angeles next week. Gore and Lieberman will be officially nominated then. Lieberman will be the first Jew to be chosen by one of the major parties to contest the presidential election.

Lieberman’s Senate seat is up for election this year. Under state law, he is able to contest both the vice-presidency and the Senate, although it is more likely that he will relinquish his Senate seat sometime soon.


Clinton Impeachment: Statement By Senator Joe Lieberman

The following is a statement from the Senate’s closed deliberations on the Articles of Impeachment against President Clinton, excerpts of which senators were allowed to publish in the Congressional Record for Friday, February 12, 1999.

Senator Joseph Lieberman was a Democratic senator from Connecticut. He served from 1989 until 2013. He left the Democratic Party in 2006 after losing the primary election in Connecticut. He endorsed Republican Senator John McCain in the 2008 presidential election.

Statement by Senator Joe Lieberman (Democrat – Connecticut)

Mr. Chief Justice, throughout the history of this great country, we have endured trials that have strained the sinews of our democracy and sometimes even threatened to tear apart our unparalleled experiment in self-government. Each time the nation has returned to the Constitution as our common lodestar, trusting in its vision, its values and its ultimate verity. Each time we have emerged from these tests stronger, more resilient, more certain of Daniel Webster’s claim of ‘one country, one constitution, one destiny.’ (Speech to a Whig Party rally in New York City, March 15, 1837.) And each time our awe of the Founders’ genius has been renewed, as has our reverence for the brilliantly-calibrated instrument they crafted to guide their political progeny in the unending challenge of governing as a free people. [Read more…]

Senator Joe Lieberman Attacks Clinton

Sen. Joe Lieberman today addressed his colleagues in the United States Senate with regard to President Clinton and the Independent Counsel’s investigation.

Lieberman TITLE=Lieberman, a Democrat from Connecticut, attacked Clinton’s behaviour with Monica Lewinsky, saying his feelings “have gone beyond my personal dismay to a larger, graver sense of loss for our country, a reckoning of the damage that the President’s conduct has done to the proud legacy of his presidency, and ultimately an accounting of the impact of his actions on our democracy and its moral foundations.”

Lieberman said: “The President’s relationship with Miss Lewinsky not only contradicted the values he has publicly embraced over the past six years. It has compromised his moral authority at a time when Americans of every political persuasion agree that the decline of the family is one of the most pressing problems we as a nation are facing.”

Remarks by Senator Joe Lieberman.

Mr. President, I rise today to make a most difficult and distasteful statement, for me probably the most difficult statement I have made on this floor in my ten years in the Senate. [Read more…]